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Southeast Asian
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Japanese : Folk Art : Dolls and Puppets : Pre 1920 item #896809 (stock #R287)
Japanese Art Site
Marvelous and Rare Sakura Porcelain Head Doll of a an American Baby Girl, with Bisque arms and legs. Her clothes are all original. An absolute must for the serious doll collector. She has a wonderful presence and a beautiful face. Sakura dolls were the first attempt by Japanese doll companies to imitate western porcelain doll making techniques, mainly for export purpose...
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1700 item #896806 (stock #R283)
Japanese Art Site
A unique early Edo Period 17th Century rectangular Lacquer Incense Box, with high relief and decorated with Gold Takamakie technique on thick Nashiji ground. Takamakie is a kind of relief combined with the Hiramakie technique. The base of the relief is made with charcoal powder. Hiramakie is sprinkling metal powder or grains, sticking them onto the surface, using the adhesive ability of urushi tree sap...
Japanese : Folk Art : Dolls and Puppets : Pre 1800 item #896778 (stock #R293)
Japanese Art Site
Exceedingly Rare 18th Century Japanese Karakuri-Ningyo (Mechanical Doll) of a whimsical figure from the early Edo Period, classic in its form. This figure is moved by strings and pulleys operated by three men hidden out of site. This one was part of a festival float, possibly for the Gion (New Year) Festival. This Ningyo has a fantastic face of the period. He is wearing a gorgeous costume of the finest textiles and sumptuous brocades...
Japanese : Folk Art : Dolls and Puppets : Pre 1920 item #896761 (stock #R285)
Japanese Art Site
A unique Japanese artistic creation of a Geisha Looking in a Mirror. She is set inside of a glass enclosed presentation box The two sides are beveled glass creating an arresting design of multiple images. From the front she catches her reflection in the mirror. This is the only image we see of her face. She is so interesting in her creative style. Height: 12.5 inches, 32 cm.
Japanese : Folk Art : Dolls and Puppets : Pre 1900 item #896738 (stock #R289)
Japanese Art Site
Rare Meiji Period Japanese Court Lady Ningyo with chin-biki dog. Beautifully rendered with gorgeous hand crafted embroidery. The details are incredible, including that of the dog in red cape. This rare Ningyo is featured in 'Japanese Dolls, The Fascinating World Of Ningy├┤' by Alan Scott Pate. Height: 10 inches, 25.5 cm.
Japanese : Folk Art : Dolls and Puppets : Pre 1910 item #896727 (stock #R294)
Japanese Art Site
Japanese Boys Day Horse. This white horse is of the highest quality and artistry. Carved of palomar wood and lacquered 30 to 40 times with gofun (oyster shell lacquer) to create a naturalistic effect. It is completed with the most fabulous trappings, a fine saddle, bells, and a ponga Buddhist symbol on his back. Presented on a lacquered stand with fine gold. The high quality makes it most likely that this fine piece was made for the Daimyo class, and may have been presented to a shrine...
Japanese : Folk Art : Dolls and Puppets : Pre 1940 item #896724 (stock #R281)
Japanese Art Site
A very special early 20th century version of the Japanese interpretation of a Western doll, probably inspired by the Friendship Doll Exchange in 1929, when the United States gifted Japan with several hundred western dolls. This doll is very rare and a great find for the serious doll collector. She holds a wonderful stylized dog and makes a charming impression along with her great detailing. An important period piece...
Japanese : Folk Art : Dolls and Puppets : Pre 1940 item #896695 (stock #R290)
Japanese Art Site
A wonderful kabuki Isho Ningyo of the actor Ichikawa Danjuro IX performing as the lion dancer in the performance of Shukyo Kagami Jishi in March 1893 at the Kabukiza Theater in Tokyo. He wears the traditional flowing red wig. Beautiful details abound here with handsome, sumptuous brocade. The pose and high quality of this dramatic masterpiece indicates it was done by an important Ningyo master. Height: 17 inches, 43 cm.
Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Pre 1970 item #896674
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Japanese sosaku hanga woodblock print featuring an embossed image of a female Awaji doll puppet in profile by Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997). The artist's black ink signature is at the lower left and Saito's red seal is at the lower right portion of the image. Circa 1960's. Unlimited edition. Paper size about 17 1/8" x 11 1/2" (image: 14 1/8" x 8 3/8"). Full margins and very good overall condition. There is some slight waviness of the paper and a few puckers evident in the upper margin...
Japanese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1950 item #896584 (stock #TCR2582)
The Kura
Sold, Thank you!
An exquisitely formed sometsuke porcelain by important Seto porcelain artist Kawamoto Rekitei (1894-1975) with raised patterns of grapes forming on the vine. The delicate shades of the steadily browning grape leaves is easily conveyed by the masters touch, each leaf carefully bordered in a raised border, the dark grapes slowly growing plump in the shadows. The vase is 9 inches (23 cm) tall, over 7 inches (18 cm) diameter...
Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Scenic : Pre 1940 item #896448
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Japanese sosaku hanga woodblock print depicting a pavilion on Peony Point (Botan-dai), Pyongyang, Korea and is No. 28 from the series "One Hundred Views of New Japan" by Hiratsuka Un'ichi (1895-1997). The artist's red ink Hiratsuka Un'ichi seal is at the lower right. The black ink title and artist's red "Un" seal is at the upper left. Known to date to 1940. Paper size: 9 7/8" x 12 5/8" (image: 8 7/8" x 11 7/8"). This print was never framed and is in very good overall condition...
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1900 item #895670
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese choba tansu (merchant's chest), kiri (paulownia) wood with beautiful iron hardware, large cut out iron lock plates, square drawer pulls, safe box in lower right corner with heavy iron work on door ( 1 key), interior of safe has 3 small kiri drawers, (total of 9 drawers of different sizes on whole piece), Edo Period (c1850). Size: 30 1/2" high x 24" wide x 12 1/2" deep.
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1900 item #895665
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese tansu chest with 4 drawers, each drawer is made of kiri (paulownia) wood that has been cut to display an unusual vertical pattern, each drawer is trimmed in persimmon wood and has a large iron lock plate with an oak leaf (kashiwa) mon, unusual shaped iron drawer pulls, Meiji Period (1868-1912). Rare Yonezawa area Isho Tansu. Size: 36" high x 28 3/4" wide x 15 1/2" deep.
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1900 item #895648
Zentner Collection
Unusual choba tansu made with keyaki (elm) wood with large persimmon wood beams running horizontal with through tennon joinery in the frame, identical top and bottom drawer with beautiful keyaki wood, sliding panels also of keyaki wood open to compartment with shelf, iron hardware, Edo/Meiji Period (early 1800's). Size: 35 1/2" high x 28 3/4" wide x 16" deep.
Japanese : Pre 1800 item #894556 (stock #291)
Antique Stones Japan
Relief-sculpted sandstone Nyoirin Kannon Bosatsu depicted in this bodhisattva's characteristic seated pose of royal ease. Dated to the opening year of the Kyoho Era (1716), mid-Edo Period...
Japanese : Ceramics : Stoneware : Pre 1940 item #894183 (stock #10566)
Welcome To Another Century
Large stoneware jar with multi-color dripping glaze over a creamy white crackled glaze. The green is the traditional green of earlier Shigaraki ware, the blue as well, but a variety of brown, red, pink and black have been added to the palette. Inside and bottom covered in brown glaze with yellow spots. Japan, early Showa, 1920-1930s.
Height 17 inches (43.2 cm), diameter at shoulder ca. 17 inches (43.2 cm).
Mint condition.
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1900 item #893935
Zentner Collection
Price on Request
Stunning Antique Japanese 2 section choba tansu. Hand crafted from solid Beautiful keyaki wood. Finely detailed forged iron work including round lock plates and hirute shaped drawer pulls. Includes locking safe box with 2 small interior drawers that are also made of keyaki. Piece retains its original translucent red-orange lacquer finish that glows in the light.

late Edo/early Meiji Period C. 1860's

Size: 63 1/2" high x 35 1/2" wide x 16" deep.
Japanese : Tea Articles : Metalwork : Pre 1900 item #893890
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese iron tetsubin (cast iron pot for heating water for tea), decorated with wonderful raised scene of houses over water and pine trees; on the other side, a sage sits under a rocky out cropping and reads by the light of the moon, in the distance are more houses nestled in the mountains, Signed on the bronze lid, Meiji Period. Size: 10 1/2" high (including handle) x 7" wide (including spout).
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