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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Japanese : Carvings : Ivory : Pre 1920 item #1358980 (stock #ZJ218)
Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Nicely aged patinated Japanese old ivory letter opener or possibly a page turner with carved and dyed lizard making its way up the handle. The piece is 9.5 inches long and .5 inches wide. It is slightly doomed across the width and the "blade" section is sharpened on one side... Really a lovely piece.
Japanese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1358963 (stock #TRC1777)
Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art
Sold, Thank You!
With meticulously sculpted vines and fantastic Peony blossoms in low relief on the kinuta celadon powdery blue background, this extraordinary vase is a truly Japanese expression of classical Chinese motifs...
Japanese : Tea Articles : Pottery : Pre 1700 item #1358955 (stock #0374)
Momoyama Gallery

Very little distorted cylinder shaped (hanzutsu) tea bowl with a rounded brim, made of little reddish, coarse, unrefined Mino clay. The expertly thrown body was trimmed with a potter's knife in its lower part and through the finger marks (rokuro-me) covered with an ash glaze inside and outside. The little iron oxide in the clay turned the glaze to light brown.

On two opposite sides, decoration has been applied under the glaze in iron oxide with a little white engobe...

Japanese : Paintings : Pre 1920 item #1358880
Zentner Collection
A charming miniature Japanese six panel silver leaf screen. Beautiful silver and light gold tone splash patina. Original condition.

Meiji period (1868-1912)

Dimensions : 46" L x 22" H
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1900 item #1358877
Zentner Collection
Rare Japanese Funa Tansu known as a Ship Captain's vault chest. Made with beautiful original thick Hinoki (Japanese cedar) wood, with triangular mortis and tenon joinery. The corners and drawers are accented by attractive ash color iron plating. The inside of the chest holds a unique array of seven drawers in a natural finish, with hirute type drawer pulls and all but three with additional locks.

An old Japanese label remains on the second drawer down...
Japanese : Tea Articles : Pre 1980 item #1358780 (stock #TRC1776)
Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art
Sold, Thank You!
This extraordinary mizusashi is a fine example of Oni Shino (carbon trap and natural ash glazing) that Tsukigata is so well-known for. Coining the term in the mid-50’s after countless failed experiments—which ultimately culminated in the discovery of this unique style of pottery—“Oni” translates roughly to demon or ogre...
Japanese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1358767 (stock #TRC210762)
Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art
Dating from the 17th century, Kutani-ware is a type of fine porcelain that takes its name from the region from which it originates—the name literally means “nine valleys.” In sharp contrast to many other styles of Japanese ceramics which tend towards more modest color palettes, Kutani-ware are known for their vibrant red enameles, gold trimming, and complementary greens, yellows, and blues. This set of tokkuri is painted with a common hanging-lantern ornamental pattern known as youraku...
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1980 item #1358754
Zentner Collection
Contemporary Korean single section kitchen cabinet, made with bold elm wood (Keyaki in Japanese). This piece has an upper and lower set of sliding doors with attractive latticework over rice paper. The top and mid region have four small drawers across, with the very top middle drawers as hidden compartments. The bottom of the piece has two doors on hinges, and a middle lock to match the others.

Size: 37.75" L x 17.25" W x 65" H
Japanese : Carvings : Wood : Pre 1920 item #1358748
Zentner Collection
A charming candlestick figure of Ashinaga, a playful spirit in Japanese folklore with incredibly long legs. His counterpart, Tenaga, is the long-armed spirit who would ride on Ashinaga's shoulders and, working together, they would catch many fish from the ocean. Ashinaga is hand-carved with adorable features.

Size: 4.25" L x 3.5" D 16" H
Japanese : Tea Articles : Pre 1920 item #1358717 (stock #TRC1774)
Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art
Sold, Thank You!
A medium sized ido-gata (well shaped) tea bowl with exceptionally fine and beautifully crafted kintsugi gold repairs. One side of the bowl features a thickly applied ferrous glaze that pools generously near the base, while the pale green ashen glaze on the outside is decorated with impressed textured patterns...
Japanese : Ceramics : Earthenware : Pre 1900 item #1358570 (stock #414D)
The Incurable Collector
Sold, thank you!
A fine Satsuma bowl decorated in various colored enamels and gilt on a crackled cream ground, with 3 shaped panels, one depicting people admiring cherry blossoms and a village beside the sea in the background; one depicting a long tailed bird perched on the branch of a plum tee with Mount Fuji in the distance and mate and chicks below; and one filled with a large variety of fish and sea life; all surrounded by a profusion of flowers including peony, chrysanthemum, morning glory, iris, lily and h...
Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1920 item #1358561
Zentner Collection
A beautiful Japanese Noh Theatre Choken robe for dance performance. Hand-woven Asawith intricate gold thread motifs of flying phoenixes and cherry blossoms on branches against a white ground.

Date: Taisho Period

Size: 49" L x 31" H
Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1920 item #1358558
Zentner Collection
Japanese section of silk fabric, hand-woven in cream white and gold thread in delicate patterns of flowers.

Size: 79.5" x 40"
Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1920 item #1358550
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese 15ft long section of silk fabric, hand-woven with gold thread in motifs of flora and fauna on a bright orange background.

Size: 180" L (15ft) x 27.5"
Japanese : Tea Articles : Pottery : Pre 1700 item #1358532 (stock #0373)
Momoyama Gallery

It is commonly said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet, in the real world, there seems to be a fair amount of congruity about what people consider beautiful, with most arguments about particular instances being about degree, not direction. This chawan is pure beauty - no matter from which angle you look at it.

Slightly distorted cylinder shaped tea bowl with a rounded brim, made of light, coarse, unrefined Mino clay in the early Edo Period around 1620...

Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1920 item #1358516
Zentner Collection
Japanese silk kimono with shibori style ground, motifs of coins with peonies, kiri leaves, pine trees, and other floral elements against geometric patterns. Splashes of pink add a touch of feminine color to the kimono.

Size: 49" L x 66" H
Japanese : Ceramics : Stoneware : Pre 1920 item #1358500
Zentner Collection
Japanese kabuki actor doll, dressed as a fearsome white lion with long, flowing mane, made with real hair. He wears silk garments of bright orange, white and grey, with his face done in traditional cat eye makeup of white, black, and red.

Size: 16.75" x 13.75" x 20.5" H
Japanese : Folk Art : Pre 1930 item #1358496 (stock #6A28D)
Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc.
Japanese carved Bone standing Okimono on black carved wooden stand, all one piece, Ca. 1930, 5" high, condition is good, no damages.
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