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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Japanese : Samurai : Pre 1900 item #1260048
Zentner Collection
Pair of Japanese antique abumi (horse riding stirrups), made of iron with silver inlay all over in beautiful designs of vines and leaves, the bottom of each stirrup is decorated with a bamboo motif, the foot areas are lacquered black, each abumi is inlaid with writing: Kaga Ishikawa Prefecture, Mori Hei Saku (artist's name and "signed by") lived in Komaki. Edo Period (18th century). Size of each: 9 1/2" high x 11 1/2" long x 5" wide.
Japanese : Pre 1900 item #1260041
Zentner Collection
Antique bronze Japanese hibachi displays eight beautiful panels of scholars in tranquil traditional garden scenes. Two fu dog faces are displayed to grab as handles Raised cartouche signing characteristically on bottom of hibachi reads "Shoryu" This piece is from the Meiji period. (1868) Height: 7 in. Width 8 in.
Japanese : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1900 item #1260037
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese bronze hibachi. Displays eight unique panels of scholars in beautiful traditional garden scenes. Two fu dogs are displayed as handles on sides of hibachi. Raised cartouche signing on bottom reading "Shoryu" Meiji period (1868) Height: 7 in. Width: 8in.
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1920 item #1260015
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese Ko Tansu made from a deep red chestnut wood (Kuri), with a black lacquered front frame, three large drawers with iron hirute handles mounted on carved backplates and a large center iron lockplate with pierced heart designs, and two small side drawers with kan (ring) pulls on flower shaped backplates.

Meiji Period (1868 - 1912)

Size: 21" height 24.5" width 14.5" depth
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1920 item #1259929
Zentner Collection
Beautiful contemporary Japanese todana tansu (shelf chest) with two sections, made from a very light keyaki wood with a nice smooth finish and attractive grain. It has two large sliding doors with open wood panes and interior shelving, two smaller sliding doors below with horizontal slats, and two sliding drawers with hirute shaped handles. Size: 74.75" height, 34.75" width, 17.75" depth
Japanese : Metalwork : Iron : Pre 1800 item #1259926 (stock #0158)
Momoyama Gallery

Japanese stunning cast iron Choshi (Sake kettle) from the Edo Period around 1750.

It is designed with a great relief, showing an Ebisu. Ebisu, also transliterated Yebisu or called Hiruko or Kotoshiro-nushi-no-kami, is the Japanese god of fishermen, luck, and workingmen, as well as the guardian of the health of small children. He is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, and the only one of the seven to originate purely from Japan without any Hindu or Chinese influence...

Japanese : Paintings : Pre 1900 item #1259739 (stock #0157)
Momoyama Gallery

Absolutely rare and precious - ready to frame to a great collage of Japanese Kimono fashion history: 4 big sheets of hand painted Kimono designs, painted on ricepaper in the late Edo Period/early Meiji Period. Around 1850.

They all are signed by the same artist. Strong and vivid colours.

Great condition with traces of wear and book stiching.

Size of each sheet: ca...

Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1940 item #1259729 (stock #L8J2blimpHao)
June Hastings
A fascinating piece of world history is depicted on this stunning Japanese men’s silk haori. The hand woven back panel is divided into 3 scenes; the most dominate being a peaceful scent of Mount Fuji with a Japanese coin centered below it. The lower left scene is 1920s New York City skyline with coins. On the lower right is a scene with 1930 Montreal, Canada skyline, a Queen Victoria coin, and the R100 zeppelin...
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1920 item #1259683
Zentner Collection
Beautiful, yet unusual two-section tansu from the Nigata region of Japan, made from kiri wood. Reddish brown lacquer has been applied to its hardware to give it a very nice contrast to the woodgrain. It has four large drawers with gunbai style iron handles mounted upon pierced and stylized mounts, with a large fan-shaped lockplate in its center, pierced hardware along the front frame between each drawer, and quarter-circle hardware in the drawer corners...
Japanese : Paintings : Other : Pre 1970 item #1259235
Zentner Collection
Beautiful framed Japanese urushi-e painting by artist Hakuo Iriyama (born 1904 in Shirone, Niigata). Urushi-e is a style of Japanese art in which colored lacquers are used, along with mica and metal elements as accents. This piece depicts Mount Fuji, raised against a deep blue background, with etched rock formations in bright gold and orange lacquer at its peak, fading to brown lacquer with silver mica-powder mists floating around it...
Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1980 item #1259181 (stock #JHshishHaori)
June Hastings
Vintage black silk woman's short jacket with playful shi-shi lions woven with gold and red lacquered threads. Though a formal jacket, this haori also looks great worn casually with a pair of slacks or jeans. In excellent condition, it dates late Showa.
Japanese : Ceramics : Pre 1800 item #1259133 (stock #0155)
Momoyama Gallery
Already sold

From our Sake Tokkuri collection we offer you a very old example of oldest Oribe ware, made in the mid Edo Period, around 250 years ago.

Wonderful umanome design (horse eye) and vivid Oribe glaze.

Oribe ware, type of Japanese ceramics, usually glazed in blue or green and first appearing during the Keichō and Genna eras (1596–1624)...

Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1980 item #1259005 (stock #JHshishiObi)
June Hastings
Stunning Japanese black satin silk obi with a woven pattern featuring shi-shi lions. In very good condition, the back side is solid black. Measures 12" wide by 129" long. Dates Showa Period.
Japanese : Ceramics : Earthenware : Pre 1930 item #1258996 (stock #SFsumiA1)
June Hastings
Japanese Sumidagawa partially dripped glazed pottery bowl features a 3 dimensional figure peering over the rim. A white glazed cowry shell sits on the opposite side rim. A luscious green glazed interior with a multicolored glaze that pours over a red-orange exterior and base. In excellent condition with only a few expected abrasions on the bottom, it measures 2.75" long x 1.25" at highest point...
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1700 item #1258907
Tora Tori Gallery
Very rare and beautiful hanging scroll painting on silk ink and gold. The descent of Buddha surrounded by his 2 Bodhisattva Kannon and Seichi. His feet rest on lotus among golden clouds. His head stands on a golden aureole where large rays of light emanate. The 2 Bodhisattva are also covered with gold. Very nice framing protective plexi-glass. Period: Muromachi / Momoyama 16/17ème century. Dimensions : 26"xH61"
Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1960 item #1258867
Zentner Collection
Beautiful Japanese child's kimono, made of orange silk woven with a subtle waves pattern and decorated all over with printed scenes of chrysanthemums, peonies, cherry blossoms and fans, details printed in gold and silver, large chrysanthemums on the back with embroidered details in gold and silver thread, pink and white chirimen silk ties. Size: 36" wide x 34" high
Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1960 item #1258815
Zentner Collection
Charming Japanese child's kimono, made of silk and printed with scenes of bird in bamboo, straw hats and Mt Fuji, lined with yellow silk, beautiful and sweet, Showa Period. Size: 33" wide x 36" high
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1920 item #1258811
Zentner Collection
Japanese keyaki wood tansu originating from the Yamagata region of Japan, with a black lacquer frame, iron hardware, lockplates incised with flora, and a side locking hinged door with a center kan pull mounted on flower plating. Inscriptions on the back reads: "Shibata County, Numabe Village. A gift from Ohtsuki Fukuju. 18th year of Showa (1943), January 15th." and "20th year of Showa (1945) Lunar Calendar, February 15th. For the marriage of Kitaro and Tori...
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