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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Chinese : Sculpture : Stone : Pre AD 1000 item #1475443 (stock #03192023A)
Oldbailey Antiques
An authentic marble stele fragment depicting an Apsara, measuring 4-3/4" in height by 3-1/2" in width. The carving is very well done and the details are crisp. The surface retains its original patina. A very fine example, mounted on a custom stand (the base of the sculpture has been drilled with a hole to accommodate the shaft). Please see the photos, as they are a part of the description.
Chinese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1900 item #1475257 (stock #417)
Conservatoire Sakura
Carved bamboo statuette representing Shou Lao, Chinese god of longevity. The god is represented standing, holding a peach in one hand and a stick ending in a mushroom Ling-zhi in the other, all the attributes of long life. The carving is precise, as can be judged by the regular parallelism of the hairs of the beard. The sculpture is elegant, the movements of the dress are harmonious and the finishes are of good quality. The bamboo has a nice old patina...
Chinese : Sculpture : Stone : Pre AD 1000 item #1475030 (stock #03072023C)
Oldbailey Antiques
This is a diminutive portrayal of a crowned Buddhist figure, most likely a Bodhisattva, dating to circa the 6th century AD, Northern Qi dynasty. Note that the nose and areas of the forehead are darker than the rest of the stone, indicating that they have been rubbed by the hands of worshippers over the centuries, creating a "sweat stain" darkening of the stone...
Chinese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1980 item #1474276 (stock #2023021913)
Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts
Large Carved Chinese jadeite cabbage. Length: 9 inches,
Chinese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1800 item #1474187 (stock #1-1339)
AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques
Statue of a Taoist deity --- maybe a judge in Hell --- in mandarin attire, sitting on a throne, his hands in praying posture. Lacquered and gilt wood. China, Qing dynasty, 18th century. Height: 20.2 cm. Old woodworm attacks (no more danger) lacquering and gilding partly flaked, otherwise very good condition.
Chinese : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1800 item #1473377
Zentner Collection
Antique Chinese soapstone carving of a seated arhat. Likely Pindola Bharadvaja sometimes called Ajita. Binduluoshe Zunzhe, the Long Eyebrow Arhat, Changme Luohan. This Pindola is the leader of the 18 Arhats and his long eyebrows represent longevity, seniority and leadership. In this representation he is also holding a small pagoda which is similar to another arhat but the long eyebrows identify him. Carved with intricate details and wearing robes painted in blues and reds...
Chinese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1900 item #1473243
Zentner Collection
An antique Chinese corbel hand carved out of Cypress wood. Depicting a Phoenix and a Dragon which represents marital bliss. Beautiful scrolling relief details.

Age: Ching Dynasty (18th-19th C)

Dimensions: 15" Wide by 7 1/4" High by 4 3/8" Deep.
Chinese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1800 item #1473242
Zentner Collection
An antique Chinese corbel carved out of Namu wood. Displaying a mythical Kirin surrounded by scrolling Peonies. With iron mount.

Age: Ching Dynasty (18th C)

Dimensions: 30 1/4" Wide by 13 3/4" High by 4 1/2" Deep
Chinese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1900 item #1472402
USD $1,250.00
A very beautiful QING DYNASTY Wood carving of a seated KWAN YING with flowing robes, a tiara and her hair is made up into a nice top knot. Very fine guilding, 19th Century, China. Size: height 11" x width 7 3/4" (29 x 20 cm.)
Chinese : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1800 item #1471125 (stock #0577)
Momoyama Gallery

An antique 18th century Chinese Bronze Buddha seated in the varda or granting of Boons mudra. 

This lovely Buddha is seated in the lotus or Padmasana position, with each foot placed on the opposite thigh. His robes cascade fluidly from his left shoulder.  His robe is draped to leave the right shoulder bare, and a portion of the garment that covers the left wrist falls behind the figure...

Chinese : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1800 item #1470661
USD $1,650.00
A Finely carved GENUINE BLACK JADEITE JADE Pendant, QING DYNASTY, depicting a Dragon and Scrolling. 18/19th Century, China. Good condition. Has a small hole on top for hanging. Size: 2" x 1.75"
Chinese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1900 item #1470453 (stock #C6501)
Chinese wooden monkey with gilded gold.

Age: China, Qing Dynasty, 19th Century
Size: Height 33.5 C.M. / Width 8.3 C.M. / Thickness 10.8 C.M.
Size including stand: Height 40 C.M.
Condition: Nice condition overall (some expected degradation due to its age including natural cracks and chips). Please refer to the enlargement photos for more details.
Shipment: Worldwide shipping from Bangkok, Thailand at actual cost. Please e-mail us for the shipping fee.

Chinese : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1800 item #1470404
USD $975.00
A fine and smooth Genuine Jadeite JADE HORSE, QING DYNASTY, 18/19th Century. Very good condition, no chips, cracks nor restorations! Size: height 9.5 cm x length 12 cm. Available for purchase: US$ 975. Unique collector's piece!
Chinese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1900 item #1469697 (stock #350)
Conservatoire Sakura
Carved wooden cup representing large lotus leaves and buds on which evolve a crab and a shrimp. The feet are made up of snails. Although the carving work is of excellent quality, the wood used is not purple sandalwood. Part of the edge has been broken as shown in the photo, but this does not affect the aesthetics of the object. In addition, restoration work is possible with a perfect result. Length: 27cm Height: 6.5cm
Chinese : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1837 VR item #1469374 (stock #345)
Conservatoire Sakura
Small Buddhist lion in almost solid cast bronze. The object is heavy. Beautiful active and fierce expression. Details meticulously chiselled with precision. It is probably work from Vietnam or South China. A very beautiful bronze patina announces a 19th century period or before. Underneath there is no fastening mark, so it was not the grip button of a lid. Not a weight either because part of the underside is hollow. Hight: 6cm. Fine condition.
Chinese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1910 item #1468733 (stock #1782)
Dragon's Pearl
A wood image depicting a Daoist Exorcist riding a horse, holding the Seal for the control of evil forces on his right hand and the bowl with purifying water on his left hand. He wears the typical long Tao robe and crown shape hat. On the back of statue, there is a covered niche for the storage of prayer rolls. Wood with colours with very good details. China, Late Qing Dynasty. H. 32,5 x L 19 x W 11cm. Good condition.
Chinese : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre AD 1000 item #1467930 (stock #7205)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Unsorted lot of 13 Indo Greek coins- these all came from Pakistan. Circa 100BCE-100CE. Coins shown are the ones you'll receive. See last enlargement for scale. Free shipping.
Chinese : Sculpture : Pre 1837 VR item #1467898 (stock #1-1327)
AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques
A fine glass sculpture in the form of a small vase at the center top, framed by two rams, the bodies of which are decorated with "tao tie" masks in relief, the base with a design of stylised dragons in relief. China, early 19th century, maybe earlier. Height: 14.18 cm. Very good condition
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