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Directory: Southeast Asian (2316)


Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Southeast Asian : Pre 1920 item #1257417
Zentner Collection
Large antique Tibetan chest/trunk painted with a deep red background in front, with a coiled dragon within a large cloud-shaped border. Red and gold painted flowers with long, deep green stems fray out from behind the dragon and reaches inwards from the sides of the chest, with small green birds perching on either side of the dragon...
Southeast Asian : Contemporary item #1257038 (stock #TM-55C EEKK)
Price on Request
A new solid 18K. Gold link-chain bracelet set with 6 genuine cushion cut blue sapphires @ 3.62 ct. total weight and surrounded by 96 genuine brilliant cut diamonds @ 1.07 ct. total weight, with safety lock. Bracelet length is 7" inches.
Southeast Asian : Folk Art : Primitive Works of Art : Pre 1950 item #1256903 (stock #2778)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Fine and rare old Yao/Mien all hand spun and woven cotton wedding veil with silk thread embroidered geometrical design, circa 50 years old. This piece is from Kim Mien group and was originally collected in Northern Laos. The colors on this piece are subtle and restrained (please note the use of shades of brown and blue in enlargements) and the brown and white tassels. Except for a couple of tiny holes this piece is in excellent condition. W: 47cm/18.5in and L: 75cm/29.5in.
Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1920 item #1256810 (stock #FIG55)
Ancient East
DESCRIPTION: A large, handsome Burmese wood sculpture of a male Nat, or nature spirit, dressed in traditional attire and engaged in a joyful dance. Such images were first carved from wood, then laboriously decorated with applications of red lacquer then gold gilt. Dating from the early 20th C., it has been mounted on a rod with square base. Please see the last photo for size comparison with our other Nat, FIG56. Although not purchased as a pair, these make wonderful companion pieces...
Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1800 item #1256610
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Large Thai bronze Buddha head with serene face and downcast almond eyes, curled headdress, flaming usnisa, and elongated ears. The casting is thin, the patina is very nice, and there is typical corrosion and wear evident. Traces of gilt are visible in the usnisa and hair (see close up images). Produced in the 18th/19th century in the Sukhothai period style. 15" high. Weighs about 9 lbs. There is no stand. This bronze is from the Albert Ninde estate in Tucson...
Southeast Asian : Contemporary item #1256604 (stock #MM-1305)
A new 18K. solid Gold bracelet (17.8 gr.) set with 7 top quality genuine corn flower blue Ceylon Sapphires @ 2.34 ct. total weight. Length 7" Price: US$ 2750 PLEASE NOTE: For the same bracelet set with RUBIES please see our catalogue # 1010932
Southeast Asian : Contemporary item #1256602 (stock #MM-1350)
Inquire for Price
A new beautiful 18K. Gold Bangle (31.04 gr.) with safety lock, bezel set with 4 genuine cornflower blue Ceylon sapphires @ 0.74 ct. total weight, 3 genuine Burmese rubies @ 0.15 ct. total weight and 4 brilliant diamonds @ 0.14 ct. total weight. Size: 6 3/4" diameter (17.5 cm.)
Southeast Asian : Folk Art : Pre 1960 item #1256373 (stock # 2766)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Rare semi antique supplementary warp silk embroidery on handspun indigo cotton, blanket from the diverse Tai ethnic group Vietnam/Laos. I collected this in Chiang Mai around 12 years ago and would date it around 40 to 80 years old. Nowadays you just can’t find this sort of textile anymore. Some embroidery losses and a hole along the edge (noted in enlargements) but overall in very good condition. Dimensions: 84cm/33in x 145cm/57in.
Southeast Asian : Paintings : Pre 1910 item #1256173
Zentner Collection
Beautiful Tibetan wooden plank door covered with a deep red painted cloth of two dark, fluffy-tailed yaks with open mouths, and overlay of simulated metal bands with gilt accent flowers. 19th century Size: 72.75" height, 35.25" width, 3" depth
Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1960 item #1255784
GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art
Unusual and typical Thai altar piece, consisting of a sitting Buddha. The Buddha is protected by two garuda birds. The throne of the Buddha is decorated by twelve small Buddha figures. In good condition. Height 30cm. Diameter of the base 11 cm. Bronze.
Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Pre 1800 item #1255570 (stock #MM-492)
Rare silver-alloy Buddha, Ayuthaya period, Siam, Bhumisparsha Mudra position. 17/18th Century. Natural dark aged patina. Good condition. Size H. 10.5 cm. x W. 7.8 cm x D. 3.7 cm. excluding ancient gilt wooden stand.
Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1900 item #1255145
Smooth and serene Marble Shakyamuni Buddha subduing Mara. Robe and base are brown with some fine details and gilding. The head of the Buddha is covered with a multitude of small pointed hairlocks called "Shwebo-thorns" on top of which is the stupa shaped flame. The Buddha is clad in a nice robe showing overlapping folds and decorated bands, which also cover the right shoulder and left arm. This is a unique piece of art showing unusual details, refined carving skill and craftsmanship...
Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1900 item #1255144
A very attractive bronze seated disciple/monk holding an alms bowl in his left hand which rests on his leg, while gracefully helping himself with his right hand. This monk is the disciple Mahakasyapa who was particularly close to Buddha...
Southeast Asian : Folk Art : Primitive Works of Art : Pre AD 1000 item #1255090 (stock #0148)
Momoyama Gallery

An early Thai, Sukhothai period Celadon-glazed stoneware figure of a mother, shown chewing an ancient form of Narcotic drug known as Miang.

The figure dates to approximately 1400 A.D. and was produced in Thailand's Ancient Si Satchanalai Kilns. The depiction is one of a woman, shown seated with her left leg internally rotated and her right leg to the side. She has large protruding breasts and clutches a stylized child close to her body...

Southeast Asian : Paintings : Pre 1920 item #1254843
Zentner Collection
Sale Pending
Burmese painting done on a large, cloth canvas, likely depicting the Jataka tales, or stories of Buddha, with nine separate panels, each depicting a different tale of Buddha's previous lives. The very center painting shows Buddha sitting in a lotus position with two attendants at his sides, their hands clasped in prayer to him, and it is the only panel that does not have any Burmese script in white paint...
Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1900 item #1254793 (stock #MM-VR)
Rare MANDALAY Pair of hand carved solid wooden Lions, 19th Century, with some remains of original pigment. Excellent decorative showpieces for house entrance, hall, besides a fireplace etc. or suitable as a base for a coffee table with a glass top! Good condition showing natural aged patina. Size: L. 50 cm. x W. 37 cm. x H. 30 cm. Very difficult to find a matching pair like these.
Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1900 item #1254709 (stock #DB508)
Burmese bronze Buddha's hand with nice green patina.

Age: Burma, Early Mandalay Period, Early 19th Century
Measurement: Length 24 C.M. / Width 10.5 C.M.
Condition: Nice condition overall (some expected degradation due to its age). Please refer to the enlargement photos for more details.
Shipment: Worldwide shipping from Bangkok, Thailand at actual cost. Please e-mail us for the shipping fee.

Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 2000 item #1254474 (stock #DB607)
Burmese soapstone seated Buddha and Disciples.

Age: Burma, Early 20th Century
Measurement: Height 25.5 C.M. / Width 22.7 C.M.
Condition: Nice condition overall. Please refer to the enlargement photos for more details.
Shipment: Worldwide shipping from Bangkok, Thailand at actual cost. Please e-mail us for the shipping fee.

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