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Directory: Korean (859)


Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Korean : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #761102
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Sold on Layaway
Korean Choson dynasty front opening bandaji (storage chest) decorated with elaborate openwork brass hardware and the original fish-form lock. A large handle at the bottom is accented with three plates in the form of bats. The drop-front door opens to reveal a single small shelf in the interior. Late 19th century. Side carrying handles. 31”H x 33 ¼”W x 17”D. Very good overall condition with original finish. There are two fine hairline cracks on the top...
Korean : Furniture : Pre 1930 item #761086
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
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Vintage Korean front opening bandaji (storage chest) decorated with white brass hardware incised with fish and yin/yang designs. The front drops open to reveal three interior drawers and a removable shelf above a large hidden lower compartment. Complete with the original functioning key and lock, which is finely incised with a calligraphy motif. Side carrying handles. Appears to dates from the first half of the 20th century. 31 ½”H x 38 ¼”W x 17”D. Very good overall condition...
Korean : Paintings : Pre 1960 item #696841 (stock #362)
Harubang Antiques
A Landscape in Autumn by Nam-Nong, Huh-Gun (1907-1987): Korea, Mounted with Fabric and inner frame, The artist’s pen name; Nam-Nong, Name; Huh-Gun Painted in ink and color with an Autumn scene on paper, Two Seales, Huh Ryun, Nam-Nong in red, on upper left with poem. It is in very good condition. It measures 25 1/4” x 16” ( 65cm x 40cm)
Korean : Paintings : Pre 1900 item #672950
Zentner Collection
Antique Korean 2-panel screen painting depicting folk legend, painted in pigments on paper, newly remounted, at least 19th century maybe older, overall size: 35 1/2" high x 37" wide.
Korean : Ceramics : Blue and White : Pre 1900 item #672946
Zentner Collection
Beautiful Korean blue and white glazed vase with 2 dragons in clouds, 19th century. Size: 21" high x 12" wide.
Korean : Ceramics : Pre AD 1000 item #653565 (stock #R157)
Korean Art and Antiques
5th Century Korean Silla Kingdom Jar in a striking form on a classic cut out foot. It has a wonderful patina. A similar example is in the permanent collection at Cornell University. A great piece with an impeccable provenance. 9.5 inches (24cm) height, 27 inches (68.5cm) circumference.
Korean : Sculpture : Pre 1900 item #651901 (stock #0114)
Korean Art and Antiques
Rare Antique Korean Funerary Figure (Kkokdu) with much of its original pigment still intact. From a renowned and published New York collection. One of the finer examples we have seen. 11.5 inches, 29.5 cm.
Korean : Ceramics : Pre 1900 item #600376
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Korean rice bale-form stoneware wine bottle with cylindrical body, short circular spout at the mid-section, and four raised feet covered overall in a golden olive-brown glaze. One end has the standard domed form while the opposite slightly concave end, upon on which the vessel was fired, is unglazed and has the characteristic sand grit residue adhering. Heavily potted. 19th century. 10” long x 5 1/2” diameter; weighs over 4 lbs...
Korean : Ceramics : Punchong : Contemporary item #587971 (stock #0095)
Korean Art and Antiques
Yoon Kwang Cho had an acclaimed solo exhibition that started at the Philadelphia Museum and traveled to other major museums in America. He is widely recognized as the world's foremost practitioner of Korean Buncheong Art. This is an exemplary piece by one of Korea's most famous, most exhibited, and most collected ceramic artists. His work is in the permanent collections of many major museums around the world...
Korean : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #585356 (stock #0077)
Korean Art and Antiques
Joseon Dynasty Ton-kwe (Korean Coin Chest). Coin chests are highly prized by collectors, as their purpose required that they be the largest, heaviest, and most well constructed piece of furniture in the home of an aristocrat. Paper money did not exist in Yi Dynasty Korea, and the coins were of very small denominations. They had to be strung together in large quantities to have any worth, so a strong money box was obviously a necessity...
Korean : Ceramics : Pre 1900 item #550903
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Choson Period (also known as the Yi Dynasty) Korean iridescent temmoku glazed 10-faceted stoneware globular jar. In the traditional manner, the edges of the facets have been ground down to reveal the body beneath. The base is permeated with the heavy kiln grit which is indicative of Korean wares. This large 19th century jar measures 7 3/4" height and diameter...
Korean : Ceramics : Punchong : Pre 1800 item #276169 (stock #TCR1098)
The Kura
Sold, Thank you
A large Korean Buncheong (Pun-Chong) pottery bottle from the Joseon period (16th-17th century) covered in a creamy white glaze decorated on the flat sides with exaggerated floral scrolls on a dark ground; carved ringlets filled with dark slip on the sides. Color built up over the centuries fills the crackled glaze. The foot ring is rough with sand and excess glaze, and occasional windows in the glaze about the foot reveal the dark clay beneath...
Korean : Pre 1950 item #257461
Shirley Allen
Korean Woodblock Image, Paul Jacoulet, 1948, "Tempest of the Heart" This is one if not the best of his Korean images. Condition Excellent. Fewer than 240 impressions
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