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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Japanese : Enamel : Cloisonne : Pre 1910 item #1300593 (stock #Go1-11)
Golden Age Antiques
This is a very special Japanese cloisonne vase. It is signed Ota Kichisaburo. The vase is loaded with intricate fine work and it is only 6 inches tall. Also note in some of round wire designs there are silver wires that were fused perpendicular to the ribbed form and others are filled with colored enamel. The vase is in excellent condition.
Japanese : Netsuke : Ivory : Pre 1900 item #1300585 (stock #JHivoryFoo)
June Hastings
A charming ivory shishi dog netsuke. Signed by artist and in excellent condition, it dates circa 1880-1900. Measures 1 3/4 inches long by 1 1/2 inches high.
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1910 item #1300552
Zentner Collection
Japanese antique large 3 piece cha display tansu, ornately carved all over with birds and flowers and with deep blue lacquer panels decorated with bone inlaid scenes of a maiden with two children as well as more birds and flowers on other panels. The upper portion of the tansu has two cabinet doors on either side of a compartment with two sliding panels. In the middle section of the chest are six shelves of different sizes which are staggered at different intervals for display...
Japanese : Ceramics : Pre 1920 item #1300541
Zentner Collection
Beautiful Antique Japanese Shigaraki tea jar. Made to hold home brewed cold tea. Natural blues and Greens flow together on the original fired glazed finish. Holds water without leaks. Early 19th Century Dimensions: 18" 1/2 High X 15" Wide
Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Nature : Pre 1980 item #1300512
Zentner Collection
Japanese woodblock print by artist Makino Munenori (1940-present) titled 'Tenka' (or Heavenly Flowers) in pencil, number 107/180, and signed in bottom corner. The colors used are extremely beautiful and gives a surreal feel to this piece. Dated 1988. Size: 16.5" height, 22" width
Japanese : Tea Articles : Furnishings : Pre 1930 item #1300473 (stock #WD-059)
JJ Oriental
Nicely carved wooden,elm wood, display stand. Size: L. 40.2cm W. 23.8cm. H. 12.7cm. Condition: No repairs.
Japanese : Sculpture : Other : Pre 1900 item #1300369 (stock #1410099)
Tomoe Art
Highly collectable clay art doll called Miyoshi doll, which is also known as Miyoshi-deko (clay figure) featuring forty-seven ronin. The doll usually has a peculiar gloss all over them, especially on their faces. It is a simple but has a hint of beauty expressed by a Japanese traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation...
Japanese : Carvings : Ivory : Pre 1900 item #1300202 (stock #JHmonkeyNap)
June Hastings
Beautiful Meiji Era ivory napkin ring with 2 scrimshawed monkey, one of which is chasing a fly. This piece would also make an excellent stand. Dates 3rd quarter 19th century and measures 1 7/8 inches across by 1 inch high. Guaranteed ivory.
Japanese : Tea Articles : Pottery : Pre 1700 item #1300047 (stock #0234)
Momoyama Gallery

Say the word 'Momoyama' to any Japanese pottery connoisseurs, and their eyes will inevitably light up. Most ceramic enthusiasts would give up any Saturday-night vice to own just one Momoyama Shino, Bizen or Karatsu guinomi (sake cup) or chawan (tea bowl). Here is another Momoyama item from our collection:

Cylinder shaped (hanzutsu) tea bowl made of light, fine, unrefined Mino clay - slightly discoloured by age and use, which has also enhanced beautiful, fine crazing...

Japanese : Sculpture : Other : Pre 1800 item #1300046 (stock #644)
Antique Stones Japan
Two Jizo Bosatsu figures standing side by side with hands forming the gassho adoration mudra, sculpted in relief from a gray-hued volcanic stone. Mid-Edo Period ca. 1750. Minor old loss.

Height: 25 cm
Width: 12.5 cm
Depth: 9.5 cm

Dosojin is the Japanese Shinto manifestation of a Chinese Taoist deity charged with guarding the border between this world and hell...

Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Beauties : Pre 1980 item #1300031
Zentner Collection
Large Japanese woodblock print by artist Mayumi Oda (1941-present) known for portraying male Buddhist deities as female. This print is titled "Victoria Invention, The Locomotive" Low numbered 6/30 in its series, and signed in pencil. Beautifully done. Size: 25.5" height, 19 3/4" width
Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Nature : Pre 1980 item #1300028
Zentner Collection
Japanese vintage woodblock print by artist Yoshio Kanamori (1922-present) titled 'Lake Mountain'. Numbered and inscribed in pencil, signed with red cartouche. Size: 19.25" height, 13.25" width
Japanese : Pre 1837 VR item #1300024 (stock #643)
Antique Stones Japan
Standing Bato (Horse-Head) Kannon Bosatsu sculpted in relief against a funagata-style mandorla from a gray-hued igneous stone, the hands in the gassho-like Bato-in mudra characteristic of this deity and the head adorned with the remnants of a horse head. Late-Edo Period ca. 1825. Old loss...
Japanese : Metalwork : Bronze : Pre 1950 item #1299944 (stock #pd848)
Kodo Arts
Very Art Deco pair of heavy bronze garden lanterns from the 1950`s. Stylish and woud make superb entrance lighting. Great condition. Ask for shipping quote from California warehouse.
Japanese : Tea Articles : Pottery : Pre 1700 item #1299869 (stock #0233)
Momoyama Gallery

Little distorted half cylinder shaped (kutsugata) tea bowl made of light, coarse, unrefined Mino clay.

The expertly thrown body is covered with the typical, glossy black iron oxide glaze inside and outside. A 'window' on the side has been left unglazed for decoration in iron oxide engobe under a clear ash glaze in the form of plum blossoms (ume) and a geometric design. This is a typical Momoyama design...

Japanese : Tea Articles : Pottery : Pre 1920 item #1299658 (stock #TRC1501)
Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art
Sold, Thank You!
This generously proportioned chawan (16cm in diameter) shows nice age, especially around the kodai, and likely dates from the early to mid 20th century. The base is unglazed showing the rich molded clay, contrasting nicely with the maroon and black glaze pooled beautifully around the edges. The badarai (horse watering basin) shape is very attractive and in this case especially fitting given the uncommonly large proportions...
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1920 item #1299614
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese two-section kiri (paulownia) wood issho tansu, or clothing chest. Has a dramatic woodgrain and original finish. Adorned with spade-shaped iron locks and warabite handles. The bottom section has a safe box with two small drawers inside. Meiji Period, All original, 100% Kiri Wood. Very Presentable Size: 40.5" height, 37" width, 16" depth
Japanese : Tea Articles : Pottery : Pre 1700 item #1299516 (stock #0232)
Momoyama Gallery

Half cylinder shaped (Hanzutsu) tea bowl made of light, coarse unrefined Mino clay, with very little and small ishihaze (exploding stones).

The mouth has been trimmed in a fashion frequently seen in black oribe but rarely in yellow seto bowls. The expertly thrown body is covered with the typical ash glaze inside and outside which has turned into yellow, due to a slight iron oxide content in the clay; the thick and glossy glaze (guinomi-de) has a beautiful, fine crazing...

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