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Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1920 item #1455401 (stock #12312)
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Japanese hanging scroll with such a bold and dynamic calligraphy of single kanji character of ‘Kabuto’ (Japanese war helmet) which expressess a warrior in vivid and lively movement who would be a swordsman in the Edo period, 'Horibe Yasubee Taketsune' (ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horibe_Yasubee) as signed at the backside. Edo-Meiji period, 19th century. approx. 131 x 62cm (51.57 x 24.40in)...
Japanese : Paintings : Pre 1800 item #1455233
Reflets des Arts
Translations of the poems : 1. Ah, if only I didn't keep thinking of sad things to the point of waiting for the premature end of my life. -- Taira no Sadafumi (Kokinshû, 965) 2. In the morning mist / which covers with a light veil / the bay of Akashi, Hidden by an island sails / a boat. I think of him. -- Kakinomoto no Hitomaro, (Kokinshû,409) 3. My love has already disclosed my name. While unbeknownst to all, I was in love with her. -- Mibu no Tadamine, (Hyakunin isshu, 41) 4...
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1960 item #1454283
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Vintage Japanese Showa period ink and color on paper scrolled painting of trees by Uda Tekison (1896-1980). The black ink signature and red artist’s “Tazen” seal are at the lower right. Included is a signed tomobako wood presentation box. Mid-20th century. Painting: 16 1/2” x 20 3/8” (scroll: 55 1/2” x 26 1/4"). Very good overall condition. From a Tucson, Arizona estate.
Japanese : Paintings : Screens : Pre 1900 item #1454076
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese six-panel byobu folding screen painting of a pair of pheasants (male and female). Near the pair of colorful birds, a stream flows over rocks. Exuberantly blossoming cherry trees and peonies rise from the rocky earth. Another pair of smaller birds fly together through a golden mist. Painted in mineral colors and with gold leaf on paper.

Age: late Meiji Period (circa 1900)

Dimensions: 59 1/2" high x 145 1/2" long
Japanese : Paintings : Other : Pre 1900 item #1453875 (stock #10921)
Welcome To Another Century
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One-sided orihon accordion album with 12 paintings. 10 images of man-woman scenes, one rape scene, one scene with a woman with dildo.
Paintings in black ink, mineral colors (some with gold), and gofun on silk.
The covers are bound in silk brocade, with a small silk sumie painting of a heron on the front cover, by way of a title slip.
Paintings unsigned, but in the style of Tomioka Eisen (1864–1905)...
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1940 item #1453842 (stock #1613)
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Unusual three kanji characters of 'Fuku-roku-ju' (Longhead God of Happiness, Welfare, and Longevity) in unique pictorial calligraphy style called *'Hihaku-tai' (Blurring-brush style) on paper mounted as a hanging scroll, early 20th century, Japan, approx. 141 x 42.5cm (55.51 x 16.73in)...
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1950 item #1453222
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Vintage Japanese Showa period ink and color on silk scrolled painting of an autumn landscape with mountains in the background and tiny horses and figures in the foreground by Kawashima Baikan (1902-1977). Black ink signature and red artist’s seal at the lower right. Signed tomobako wood presentation box. Mid-20th century. Painting: 17 5/5” x 20 1/8” (scroll: 54 1/2” x 26”). Very good overall condition.
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1800 item #1452888 (stock #TRC211004)
Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art
This Edo period scroll depicts Meota Iwa—a famous Japanese landmark in Mie. Symbolizing the union between two divine deities, Izanagi (said to be the larger rock, though there is no consensus on this point) and his wife Izanami, the two are joined by a shimenawa (heavy straw rope used in Japanese Shinto ceremonies). This straw rope is quite massive and must be replaced several times a year in a special ceremony...
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1940 item #1452486 (stock #L039)
The Kura
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The painting of an oxcart has a water stain on one side. It can be cleaned if desired, at cost. Imagery of the twelve months by Hayashi Bunto mounted as 12 individual scrolls housed three a piece in four signed wooden boxes all enclosed like drawers in one larger wooden box. Pigment and ink on paper in a silk border with bone rollers. They are 42 x 214 cm each (16-1/2 inches x 7 feet) and overall, in excellent condition...
Japanese : Paintings : Pre 1920 item #1452277 (stock #AOR8233)
The Kura
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An important large album by Tanaka Hakuin called an Impu, recording a great many of the various seals the artist used throughout his career. The first and last two pages are blank, throughout the rest of the book are various seals impressed onto the left leaf opposite 11 landscape paintings on the right. The booklet is 7 x 9-1/4 inches and is in overall fine condition. Also a small album with 26 leaves of stamps bound with padded silk in a small cover. It is 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches...
Japanese : Paintings : Contemporary item #1452275 (stock #12293)
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Art Brut. Contemporary omnidirectional pen drawing by a Japanese woman. approx. 37.5 x 28.5cm (14.76 x 11.22in). Damage at four corners.

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Japanese : Paintings : Pre 1940 item #1452030 (stock #12292)
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Annonymous but skillful oil painting on canvas with no sign, a scene of Japanese village in the mountains of autumn/winter time, in such refined composition specifically with such attractive balance of the direction of each house (roof). Pre-war Showa period, early 20th century, Japan...
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1900 item #1451642 (stock #Z082)
The Kura
A dynamic image of a large Dobin tea pot painted by Kiyomizu Rokubei III dated summer of 1876 performed with ink and light color on paper in a period silk border with wood rollers. The scroll is 65 x 181 cm (25-1/2 x 71-1/4 inches). There is some loss to the edge of the upper border, and a streak of color in the lower right corner of the paper (see close-up photos). A Dobin Tea Pot similar to this image is held in the Tokyo National Museum (Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan).
Rokubei III (Koto Kurit...
Japanese : Paintings : Screens : Pre 1800 item #1451631
Tora Tori Gallery
Through 21 fans this 6-panel screen describes the long history of Japan through characteristic scenes such as the novel of "Tale of Genji", the great wave, poets, gods of happiness, cherry blossoms, peonies , irises ... Magnificent quality and colors of natural polychrome pigments. 18th century Edo period. Size: 346 x H170cm
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1920 item #1451528 (stock #10629)
Welcome To Another Century
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Hanging scroll with erotic painting. Image of a man of the merchant class and a woman having intercourse, while being surrounded by a multitude of other women having their own fun. Ukiyo-e style.
Black ink, gold and bright color on silk.

Unsigned. After a four-page book illustration by Keisai Eisen (see photo 6, which is NOT offered for sale here).
Japan, Meiji period.

Height: 12 ¾”; width: 18 ¼”; total height mounting: 47 ¾” (32.4 x 46.3; 121.3 cm).


Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1700 item #1451493 (stock #TRC210912)
Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art
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Third son of the director of the Kano School of painting, Yasunobu was appointed head of the Kyoto branch at a young age after his father’s death. Meanwhile, his two older brothers went to Edo to take up prestigious positions painting for the Tokugawa Shogunate. In 1662 Yasunobu gained the honorific title of “Hogen,” and near the end of his life in his 70s he wrote a treatise on the art of painting that would server as a central doctrine for later generations of painters. Here we see a str...
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1920 item #1451461 (stock #L061)
The Kura
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A voluminous ink landscape built around two scholars viewing the cascade dropping into the canyon on this huge scroll by Tanaka Hakuin enclosed in the original signed wooden box dated Meiji 45 (1912). Performed with rich black ink against the sheer white paper, the mountainous crags and leafy forms built up in layers of gray and black. The scene is mounted in patterned silk with white piping in the Mincho style popular among literati painters in the era, and features huge bone rollers. It is ...
Japanese : Paintings : Pre 1960 item #1451324 (stock #08275)
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Vintage anonymous oil painting on canvas signed as "I like cloud" in Japanese and "35. 7" that stands for 'July in Showa 35 (1960)', in aesthetically fine damaged condition with some paint-peelings (probably will peels off little more) due to natural aging as is as seen. approx. 53 x 41cm (20.86 x 16.14in).

selected by hotoke

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