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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Chinese : Scholar Art : Table Articles : Pre 1900 item #1304408 (stock #BNJscholCab)
June Hastings
RARE pair of miniature red lacquered elm wood Chinese scholar's cabinets. Designed as a “mirror image” pair, each cabinet has one side panel which is plain while the opposing side panel is decorated with floral carvings. These decorative cabinets also served a utilitarian purpose for the scholar who would use them to store items such as seals, wrist and brush rests, water droppers, scroll weights, etc. The doors feature subtle gold highlights...
Chinese : Scholar Art : Brush Articles : Pre 1920 item #1304246 (stock #SCH12)
Ancient East
DESCRIPTION: A Chinese scholar’s calligraphy brush, the brush crafted with natural bristles encased in a horn ferrule. These are secured with a silver band to a pitted green jade handle inscribed with archaic characters and terminating in a round knob. A quality, well made brush in excellent condition, most likely dating to the latter Qing Dynasty to early republic Period. DIMENSIONS: 9 ¼” long (23.5 cm).
Chinese : Carvings : Pre 1920 item #1304127 (stock #1940/661)
Nirvana Oriental Antiques
A Chinese 19 C. pearl shell beautifully pierced and carved with a dragon coiled all around. Its natural form and luminous surface with fine carving makes this object a joy to behold. age; 19 C. size: 18 cm. condition; very good indeed, no restoration, no breaks.
Chinese : Peking Glass : Monochrome : Pre 1900 item #1304083 (stock #BNJyellowPek)
June Hastings
Very nice Imperial yellow hand carved Chinese wine cup. The bowl is accented with carving details in the stems and lotus areas for added appeal. The shape of the bowls reflects those porcelain counterparts that were popular around the late Qing and early republic periods. Condition is excellent without any chips, cracks, hairlines, or restoration. Measures 4.5 inches high by 2.5" in diameter. Stand not included.
Chinese : Jewelry : Hardstones and Minerals : Pre 1920 item #1304075
Zentner Collection
A Chinese jadeite cigarette holder that has been fashioned into a pendant, with a gold band around the body and gold flower shaped plates on both ends. The white jade has luminescent apple green areas and natural tan veining towards the top. Size: 2.5" length, .5" width
Chinese : Carvings : Hardstone : Pre 1920 item #1304065
Zentner Collection
A beautiful jadeite cigarette holder, carved with a smooth, rounded mouth piece and a thin incised line where the cylindrical body meets the handle. The jade has is a wonderful blue green tone with splashes of spinach green toward the end and apple green areas by the mouthpiece. Size: 3.5" length, .25" width
Chinese : Metalwork : Bronze : Pre 1920 item #1304014
Zentner Collection
A beautiful Chinese bronze tray in the shape of a heavenly peach, with sides pierced through in decorative design. The tray has an inlay scene of Immortals in billowing robes. The underside has the embossed artist's signature. Early 20th Century Size: 12.25" height, 14" width, 1.25" depth
Chinese : Ceramics : Pottery : Pre 1700 item #1303959
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
Sold to China
Lovely smal pottery piece, decorated with a poem in dark brown on a creamy white base. H. 16,5 cm. Excellent condition. Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
Chinese : Antiquities : Early Ceramics : Pre AD 1000 item #1303956
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
Sold to the UK
Green and ochre glaze on a yellowish white ground. Diameter 10 cm. H. 4 cm. condition: expected age wear and cracks to the glaze, otherwise in very good condition. No cracks, no repairs. Tang Dynasty (618-906)
Chinese : Carvings : Hardstone : Pre 1980 item #1303887
Zentner Collection
A beautiful jadeite in a wonderful emerald green tone, mounted on a 14K gold band with feminine form. Band is marked "14K" and "5.85". Size: .75 cm x 1 cm
Chinese : Ceramics : Pre 1492 item #1303817 (stock #5735)
Abacus Asian Art
Sold, Thank You
Please inquire for the price, size and condition.
Chinese : Carvings : Hardstone : Pre 1920 item #1303772
Zentner Collection
A very large and extravagant Chinese jade carving of a dragon carrying the Eight Immortals on his back. Each Immortal is seated holding their individual attributes, and is surrounded by auspicious elements such as lotus pods, peaches, mushrooms, and flowers. Large fruit are carved along the dragon's neck such as a pomegranate and a buddha's hand citron...
Chinese : Antiquities : Tomb Sculpture : Pre AD 1000 item #1303645 (stock #M8494)
Fine Chinese Tang Dynasty Painted Pottery Figure (AD 618 - 906)

This rare and interesting pottery figure was made during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 - 906). It is fairly highly-fired, having a distinct ring to it when tapped. It has been "cold painted" in white, red and black pigments, good amounts of which still remain. Note the details to the facial features, clothing and head gear suggesting this is a foreign groom or servant...

Chinese : Scholar Art : Paintings and Calligraphy : Pre 1900 item #1303365 (stock #WD47)
Ancient East
DESCRIPTION: A Qing Dynasty Chinese scroll painting depicting a seated Chinese deity with a large blue foo dog mask in his lap and two attendants at his feet. All figures have ornate colorful robes and auroras around their heads. An inscription can be found at the lower middle between the two attendants. CONDITION: “Waves” in paper from being rolled; colors and images are bright; painting has been remounted on white paper-backed silk...
Chinese : Jewelry : Hardstones and Minerals : Pre 1980 item #1303184
Zentner Collection
Chinese ring with green jadeite oval shaped cabochon, mounted on a 14K good ring (with gold mark), the jadeite is encircled in a ring of leaves and raised up with an open back to maximize the light shining through stone. Size: 1.7cm x 1cm
Chinese : Carvings : Wood : Pre 1920 item #1303178
Zentner Collection
Antique Chinese hardwood ancestral carving of a seated scholar. He wears a gilt robed with elaborately carved designs and jewel accents, and highlights of red, green, and blue pigment. His face sports real hair, and he holds a hair ink brush in his hand. Very charming. Size: 10" height, 5" width, 4.25" depth
Chinese : Antiquities : Early Ceramics : Pre 1492 item #1303115 (stock #PT-056)
JJ Oriental
A nice group of Ming miniature glazed food tomb items for taking into the next world. During the Shang Dynasty all the actual pieces were used and have been replaced with pottery figures from the original size to this size. Sizes: See photos. Condition: Very good.
Chinese : Jewelry : Hardstones and Minerals : Pre 1980 item #1303111
Zentner Collection
Chinese jadeite pendant carved in the shape of a gourd on vine with smaller gourd on one side, a squirrel runs up the other side, made of lovely green jadeite with 18K white gold setting. Size of jadeite: 4.6 x 2 x 0.9 cm
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