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Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1837 VR item #1463499 (stock #245)
Conservatoire Sakura
Suzuribako in roiro lacquer decor of a setting sun behind the waves in red and gold lacquer. Inside a couple of gold lacquer cranes on a nashiji background. Edo period 19th century or before. Good condition, no repairs. Normal use wear for this period. Very interesting subject. Dimensions about 21x21 cm
Japanese : Lacquer : Accessories : Pre 1800 item #1463442
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese lacquer raised tray. Standing on four legs with square frame and decorated all over with scrolling vines and pine bows in maki-e lacquer on a black ground with clouds of gold nashiji. Prominent in the design is the appearance of the aoi mon (crest) of the Tokugawa clan, marking this tray as the property of the ruling Tokugawa Shogunate.

Age: Edo Period (1603-1867)

Dimensions: 8" high x 14 1/2" wide x 14" deep
Japanese : Lacquer : Contemporary item #1463304
Modern Japanese Ceramics
sold, with thanks!
Perhaps because of its proximity (or lack thereof) to central Japan, the beautiful lacquer wares of Akita may be lesser known than other regions. Here is an exquisite sake cup and katakuchi serer of turned wood covered in multiple layers of soft, black lacquer by Sato Fumiyuki of the Kawatsura lacquer tradition. A belt of gilded binding wrapping the body is the only decoration...
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1900 item #1463145
Zentner Collection
An antique Japanese Chobako (merchant box) made of Hinoki (Cypress) and Kiri (Paulownia) woods. All original hand forged iron hardware. Upper carrying handle and hinged door that hides 4 drawers of varying sizes used by a merchant to store writing paper, receipts, money and calligraphy brushes.

Age: Meiji Period (1880-1890)

Dimensions: 10" Wide by 12 1/4" High by 14 3/4" Deep
Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1700 item #1462946 (stock #MOR8440)
The Kura
Sold, with thanks!
A fabulous 17th century Koro (Momoyama to early Edo period) covered in black lacquer inlayed with minute mother of pearl shippo designs around circular windows featuring floral motifs. The lid is solid silver, pierced with overlapping floral designs. The windows feature grape, plum, bamboo and other seasonal imagery important in Asian cultures. It is 11 cm diameter and in overall excellent condition considering the age.
Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1900 item #1462824 (stock #MOR8441)
The Kura
An exquisite Meiji period (19th century) turned wooden bowl covered in black lacquer and clouds of powdered gold, a style known as Nashiji. The thin rim actually leads down ever thicker to a heavy base, perfect for stability. It would be a challenge to knock this over. Meiji period 12.5 cm (5 inches) tall, 30 cm (1 foot) diameter and in excellent condition.
Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1920 item #1462377 (stock #MOR8432)
The Kura
A heavily lacquered tray created in the manner of the 36 Kamakura era trays of Hokkeji made of wood covered in thick negoro lacquer rubbed through to reveal the black lacquer under the original red. On back is written Hokke-ji Rakanban, 1 of 36, First month of Tokuji 2 (1307). It is 42 x 29.5 x 2.5 cm (16 x 11-1/2 x 1 inches) and is in excellent condition, enclosed in a black lacquered wooden box...
Japanese : Lacquer : Contemporary item #1462315 (stock #MOR8430)
The Kura
Sold, Thank you!
A natural wood Mizusashi covered in translucent lacquer accentuating the grain, with a sculpted black lacquered wooden lid. It comes enclosed in a wooden box titled Wajima Nuri Mizusashi. It is roughly 20 x 17 x 20 cm (8 x 7 x 8 inches) and is in excellent condition.
Wajima is one of the major lacquer centers in Japan, centered in Wajima city in Ishikawa prefecture...
Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1900 item #1462140 (stock #5)
The Schadle Collection
From its size and especially the design and style of the urushi decoration I think this Inro dates to the early Edo period (17th century). Please examine the photographs as they give the best indication of age and condition. This inro and Ojime are without a netsuke. I believe that the ojime bead is original to the Inro. I can however sell it with a lacquer bead or with no bead at all. Please let me know if you would like any additional photographs or information...
Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1800 item #1461719
Tora Tori Gallery
In lacquered, gilded wood and traces of polychromy representing the Amida Buddha in a seated position making the gesture of meditation or concentration (dyana-mudra) on a lotiform base. It is backed by a gold lacquered mandorla adorned with stylized clouds. Some restorations to the gilding and small cracks. Period: Edo late 18th century. Total height: 45cm.
Japanese : Lacquer : Accessories : Pre 1900 item #1461709 (stock #JHbestTray)
June Hastings
Japanese lacquer tray with a mountain stream and cranes in a raised landscape scene. This small/medium tray is about the best as they come in displaying many types of lacquer techniques including Maki-e, Hiramaki-e, and Takamaki-e with superb colors and fine gold nashiji work having shaped corners with concave edges. The cranes, pine trees, and mountains are all done in raised relief with the cranes showing incredible details...
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1980 item #1461454 (stock #BNJredJapFis)
June Hastings
Japanese Kamakura Bori fish dish or tray. Finely hand carved in the shape of a red sea bream using the Kamakura lacquer technique, this dish was made for Fitz & Floyd in the 1970's. In excellent condition, it measures 15" long, 6" at widest point.
Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1940 item #1461453 (stock #J684)
Haruko Watanabe
A lacquer tray which is made of keyaki tree with Negoro-nuri which is a technique painting red urushi over black urushi. It has hand-drawn kanji characters "二月堂練行衆盤廿六枚内   永仁六年十月 漆工蓮巧 楽全写”which means "(Todaiji) Nigatsudo Rengyoshu's (Buddhist monks) Tray, one of 26, Einin 6th (AD1298) October, urushi craftsman Renko, Reproduction by Rakuzen...
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1900 item #1461422 (stock #2022-1034)

Polylobed lacquer box (kobako) with chrysanthemum decoration. On the lid, maki-e lacquer decoration, a slight relief in the center of the two flowers. Sides in fundame and base in nashi-ji.

Inside, two decorations of vegetal landscapes with flowers (campanulas, pampas, pampers) and butterflies in maki-e on a nashi-ji background...
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1900 item #1461419 (stock #JHdoLacDocBo)
June Hastings
An antique Fubako, letter box, of a rarely seen design with a black ground having a flowing gold sprinkled pattern featuring wheel and wind/water designs in relief. There is also a lovely sprinkled design to the interior. The exterior bottom, which is covered when the box is closed, has the wheel designs and is very bright showing very little if any wear. Still retaining its original silk tasseled roping, this box is in superb condition...
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1900 item #1461141 (stock #2020-776)

Inrō with four boxes in black and gold lacquer, representing characters and a pavilion in a snowy landscape.

Small boxes formed of compartments that fit one on top of the other, inrō (印 籠) are traditional Japanese clothing items. Since the kimono had no pockets, everyday objects were carried in small boxes (sagemono) hung on the belt (obi)...
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1900 item #1461138 (stock #2022-1015)

Inrô in gilded lacquer according to the takamaki-e, hiramaki-e and kirigane techniques, with five squares of a mountain lake landscape.

On the first side, there is a samurai on horseback, who is drinking from the stream. A servant accompanies him, his sword in hand. Next to the pine tree are the things they would have left behind...
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1990 item #1461108
Zentner Collection
A Japanese Kobako (personal storage box) designed with beautiful Yosegi Zaiku marquetry. Made in the Hakone region in Kanagawa Prefecture, it is a single drawer style used to store precious Okimono and treasures.

Yosegi Zaiku is a Japanese traditional craft dating back to the Edo Period (1603-1868). Wooden rods of varying natural colors are cut into elongated geometric shapes and glued together to form solid blocks...
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