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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Sculpture : Pre 1800 item #1313315 (stock #5058)
St.George Gallery
A very dynamic representation of a Vajrayogini female deity.Holding a skull cup and chopper. Bronze is nicely worn.Smooth patina. Excellent condition. Tibet/Nepal 19th C or earlier 5 1/8 inches H.
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Sculpture : Pre 1700 item #1313312 (stock #5074)
St.George Gallery
An exceptional open work gilt iron belt hook from Tibet.With images of a dragon,below and a deer above.Excellent condition. Derge/Tibet 15th C. 4 1/2 inches L 2 inches H.
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Ritual Objects : Pre 1800 item #1313311 (stock #4996)
St.George Gallery
A large,simple but very beautiful prayer wheel or mani-khorlo from Tibet. Made from wood,silver,copper.bronze and with a piece of a shell.Massive roll of paper prayer is intact and in the wheel. Excellent condition. Tibet 18th C. 13 inches L
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Handicrafts : Pre 1910 item #1313214 (stock #TBP-002)
JJ Oriental
Sold. Thank you
A complete old Tibetan ladies purse made of Yak leather and inlaid with silver and gilt carvings with a center piece of Turquoise. The front has carvings of two fish (representing the beginning of life)and flower design. The back has a center tree design. There is a silver woven chain attached to the top for carrying. Age: Late 19 Century. Size: Leather purse. L. 12cm. W. 7cm. Overall length. 32cm. Condition. Very good.No repairs. Normal ageing.
Indian Subcontinent : Pre 1950 item #1313091 (stock #D4)
A massive brass betel box from Norther India with inlaid-silver design. A clam-shell box with a snap latch attached to a chain with a flat spoon to apply the lime. The silver inlay starts with 8 spokes in the center and 21 spokes on each face with additional inlay in both shells.
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Ritual Objects : Pre 1900 item #1313076 (stock #IS258)
Hundred and One Antiques
Antique 18th -19th century Himalayan - Tibetan Bronze figure of Ganapati Ganesh the son of lord Shiva and the goddess Parvati seated with both feet touching each other and his arms in his lap holding a sweet and a book, wearing a short dhoti secured at the waist with a belt and further adorned with armlets, backed by an aureole and surmounted by a jeweled headdress.

The back of the aureole is engraved with the script.

MEASUREMENTS: Height: 5 cm (2 in)...

Indian Subcontinent : Pre 1700 item #1312966 (stock #D7)
A small bronze figure of Parvati, consort of Shiva, acquired in Ceylon in 1969...
Indian Subcontinent : India : Pre 1800 item #1312815 (stock #Y69)
Hunter-Phillips Antiquities
This heavy necklace is composed of (32) various shaped beads made from crystal glass that have attained a frosted appearance over time. From Northern India, this type of necklace would have been worn by yogi. Beads are made by various methods, some wound, some carved, some looks blown. Minor chips in a couple beads. Scarce and significant. Period: 16th-18th century Dimension: Overall length about 62cm Size of largest bead 3cm Provenance: Ex-collection of Robert Cornell
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Ritual Objects : Pre 1920 item #1310678
GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art
Price on Request
The red copper gau is decorated with the Buddhist auspicious symbols. Inside is a figure of the Medicine Buddha. The gau is filled and in very good condition. Height 19 cm. 16 cm. wide and 7 cm. deep.
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Sculpture : Pre 1900 item #1310509
GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art
Rare statue of the eight-armed and three-faced goddess Ushnishavijaya or Namgyelma.She forms together with Amitayus and White Tara the three long-life deities. She personifies the ushnisha, the cranial protuberance that marks a Buddha. In her hands she holds a small Buddha figure, a single and a double vajra, a bow and Arrow and a vase with ambrosia. Excellent craftsmanship. In very good condition. Height 33 cm. 30 cm. wide and 22 cm. deep. Tibet.
Indian Subcontinent : India : Paintings : Pre 1800 item #1310279 (stock #1196)
Dragon's Pearl
$ 900
Two Moghul-period water colors depicting erotic motifs in the form of couples on terraces. One is a day scene, the other an evening scene. India, ca. 1800. Framed behind glass. Picture frame: H 34.5 cm, W 24 cm. Condition: Fine clear colors and almost no smudging. Minor losses to eggshell white.
Indian Subcontinent : Pre 1700 item #1309946 (stock #1194)
Dragon's Pearl
$ 5,900
A small but very rare & beautiful mandorla from a double image in gilt, hammered copper of the highest quality decorated with twenty-one images representing Buddhas, bodhisattvas, protectors and vidyarajas. On a fitted metal stand. Tibet, 15–16th cent. H 14.5 cm, W 14.5 cm. Condition: Small piece lost to top of mandorla and very minor rubbing. Otherwise excellent.
Indian Subcontinent : Pre 1920 item #1309443
The Zentner Collection
Kurdish antique saddle bag most likely for use on a donkey, made in slit-tapestry technique in a variety of colors, woven in one long piece and the folded over on either side to make two storage pouches. The primary central motif is that of two eight armed stars, below this another half reserve with two half-stars and surrounding it all is a beautiful decorative guard band delineated by narrow fence motifs...
Indian Subcontinent : Pre 1920 item #1309441
The Zentner Collection
Antique Kurdish tribal rug, made up of four separately hand knotted panels sewn together, possibly originally meant for use as a utilitarian bedding bag (mafrash), beautiful array of colors, the two central panels are framed in a decorative guard band for protective strength, the interior motif appears closest to a rosette motif although could be stylized version of the wheel of life motif, wonderfully integrated into the main motif field are the random additions of a tiny animal figure a...
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Carvings : Pre 1900 item #1309408 (stock #1192)
Dragon's Pearl
$ 1,200
An antique Tibetan painted and lacquered wood foldable travel alter and/or reading table. The front panel carved in openwork with two dragons chasing the flaming pearl; the side panels also carved in openwork with birds, flowers, leaves & fruits. Scroll pattern around the top part. No decoration on the top side of the altar. Measurements: H 35 cm L 66 cm W 33 cm. Folded: H 9 cm. Tibet, 19th cent...
Indian Subcontinent : Kashmir : Metalwork : Pre 1940 item #1309284 (stock #3131)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Good Iranian Shiraz carpet circa 1940 with mostly natural dyes, nice shiny wool and full pile. Good condition~no holes or damage. L: 177cm/70in and W: 101cm/40in.
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Paintings : Pre 1837 VR item #1308937
The Vanishing Heavens
This very detailed miniature painting depicts King Huyaman and his entourage returning from exile in Tabriz, Persia. The story is told on the back of manuscript leaf...
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Ritual Objects : Pre 1900 item #1308927
The Vanishing Heavens
This two-headed drum, of wood and leather is used in both Hinduism and Tibetan Theravada Buddhism ceremonies. Shows great patina
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