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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1837 VR item #1449643
japanes antique textile saiyuu2
This kimono is original from the Edo period. It is a very beautiful natural indigo dyed Rinzu silk kimono. The gradation of indigo dyeing is beautiful. Auspicious turtle parents and children are hand-dyed and drawn. There are no stains or stains. It is a very excellent antique kimono. I recommend it to your collection. Size: 152cm (59.8inch) 128cm (50.3inch)
Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1837 VR item #1449642
japanes antique textile saiyuu2
This kimono is original from the Edo period. It is a summer kimono with a very beautiful handspun & natural indigo dyed Ramie family crest. There is no stain. There is a slight rubbing, but it is not noticeable. I recommend it to your collection. Size: 131cm (51.5inch) 116cm (45.6inch)
Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1837 VR item #1449641
japanes antique textile saiyuu2
This is Japanese Edo era Beautiful silk of the patchwork yosegire beni-itajime kimono. This kimono is original from the Edo period and consists of 6 types of safflower dyeing and 1 type of edo type dyeing. The lining is also safflower-dyed silk from the Edo period. There are some small stains and damage. However, overall it is in very good condition. I recommend it to your collection. Size: 131cm (515inch) 116cm (45.6inch)
Japanese : Ceramics : Stoneware : Pre 2000 item #1449640 (stock #1773)
Modern Japanese Ceramics
A beautifully brushed calligraphy work by Living National Treasure Fujiwara Kei enclosed in the original signed wooden box. The three simple characters are direct, without pretense. Ten Mu Shi: Nature is selfless and equal to all living things (juxtaposed to humans who are selfish and egocentric). Perhaps an important message this year, with viruses and abnormal weather running rampant. The artist has confronted each character directly with the brush, clear and selfless, from a state of Mushin...
Korean : Folk Art : Pre 1900 item #1449621 (stock #1812)
Harubang Antiques
A Very Fine Large Korean Decagonal Incised Brass Brazier/Incense Burner-19th C.: Korea, Joseon dynasty, 19th century. A quite large and rare decagonal shape incised with auspicious characters and floral designs charcoal brazier and using as an incense burner as well, two large octagonal handles with large bats It’s in very fine condition with old natural patina, it measures 23.7cm h. x 31cm d.(handle to handle), 10bls
Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Pre 1970 item #1449606 (stock #Tomoe011)
Era Woodblock Prints
Artist: Tomoe
Rainty Street Scene
Print size: Approximately 5.5 x 3.5 inches.
Date: 1950s-60s
Publisher: Watanabe Shozaburo.
Red artist's seal at lower right.
Medium: Woodblock print tipped along its top edge to a blank card.
Condition: Excellent.
Japanese : Lacquer : Accessories : Pre 1900 item #1449605 (stock #2021-906)
Japanese incense cabinet kodansu in wood veneered with tortoise shell on its different sides and the three drawer fronts that compose it. Interior of the door and drawers in black lacquer.
Floral decoration in hiramaki-e lacquer of gold and kirigane lacquer on the different faces, the drawer fronts and the interior of the door. These are peony flowers, maple leaves, cherry blossoms, daylilies and irises. Two butterflies on the inner door. Nashi-ji lacquer edges.
Fittings and handle ...
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Pre 1920 item #1449603 (stock #7091)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Lovely lime container, circa 19th century, copper with ornate brass fitted hinges in good working order! H: 12.7/ 5in x W: 8.2cm/3.2in.
Japanese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1980 item #1449601 (stock #08268)
t a t a m i


Two little wood carving Buddhist images fixed on the "waves" in tiers, and wooden zushi shrine arranged to be attched to enshrine them into in the later years. Showa period, 20th century, Japan. Zushi: H 26cm (10.23in), Upper Buddha: H 6.5cm (2.55in), Lower Buddha: H 5.5cm (2.16in). Incredibly accurate carving for such small size as seen. Right hand of upper Buddha is damaged, and some stains and hittings at zushi due to aging as is. Buddh...
Japanese : Folk Art : Mingei : Pre 1940 item #1449600 (stock #12277)
t a t a m i


Old paper patterns (katagami) of various design of Japanese family crest (kamon) used for stencil dyeing on kimono textile, Taisho-Showa period, early 20th century, approx. 9.5 x 9.0cm (3.74 x 3.54in) and some little smaller ones. Some expected damage as is as seen. (Two of them are very damaged.)

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Southeast Asian : Folk Art : Pre 1920 item #1449599 (stock #7089)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Two etched bamboo section containers- these were used to hold cotton tufts and spindles- worn at a woman’s waist during the making of textiles. Beautifully carved with geometric designs and one has a strand Jacob’s Tears beads. Circa 1960 to 1970. Good pieces acquired about 20 years ago, cannot be found anymore. D: 11./4.5in x H: 18.2 cm/7.1in.
Japanese : Ceramics : Stoneware : Contemporary item #1449598 (stock #1772)
Modern Japanese Ceramics
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An Amazing Shigaraki flattened form with offset neck covered in pools of liquid green crystal and dark encrustations of ash by Furutani Hirofumi, head of the Churoku-en. This piece truly shows the best of what Shigaraki has to offer, in the exposed raw terracotta clay, the molten ash glaze, the Hi-iro color of flame, and the build up of dark ash deposits. Every viewing angle is unique. This flattened form has been made by separating two slabs with a band of clay which has had feet and a wheel...
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Ritual Objects : Pre 1920 item #1449593 (stock #7088)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Two antique Indian charms from Tamil Nadu. The larger one is an Araimudi, in the shape of fig leaf and was by worn by young village girls to protect their “modesty”, the smaller one was probably worn as an amulet with a granulated image of a feminine deity. Free shipping via Hong Registered Airmail. Large is H: 6.3cm/ 2.4in x W: 5.3 cm/2in, the smaller one is H: 4.4cm/ 1.7in x W: 3.2 cm/1.2in. Big one is 31 grams and small one 15 grams
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Contemporary item #1449592 (stock #ALR8170)
The Kura
An evocative image of a lone Priest on begging rounds by Japanese actor and Manzaishi Ashiya Kogan, ink on paper in silk border with black lacquered wooden trollers. He has managed to capture both the solitary life o fthe mendicant priest, as well as an ephemeral sense of the fleeting world and our time in it. This is a most interesting commentary on Japanese life, proof that Buddhism and religious influence are not strictly things of the past. The scroll is 42.5 x 181 cm, (17 x 71 inches) an...
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1960 item #1449591 (stock #ALR8168)
The Kura
Priests chant loudly on begging rounds on this set of scrolls by important 20th century Zen priest Kutsu Deiryu. The inscription reads “One bowl, the offering of a thousand houses”; “Walking, walking, this Buddhist path” (Translation Stephen Addiss). Ink on paper, completely remounted with rough brown silk mounting fitting the original humble habit of a priest featuring dark rollers. Each scroll is 28.5 x 197 cm (11-1/4 x 77-1/2) inches excellent condition. For an identical set of scr...
Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Pre 1940 item #1449563 (stock #Gifford001)
Era Woodblock Prints
Marguerite Gifford Side Gate at Doshisha University, Kyoto (Doshisha Tokiwai Mon)
Date: 1939-40.
Edition: First and only.
Publisher: Likely the Hiroshi Yoshida Print Studio rather than Watanabe Shozaburo, who published earlier Gifford prints. (See Darrel Karl's Eastern Impressions blog for an intersting discussion on this topic.)
Medium: Japanese woodblock print.
Condition: Toning, fading, and trimmed margin. Top center margin has missing portion.
Japanese : Paintings : Screens : Pre 1900 item #1449554
A stunning Pair of Antique Japanese Meiji Period (1868-1912) paper doors, depicting 2 hunting noblemen on elegant horses with bows and arrows on the first panel, as well as pine trees on the second panel. Very finely hand painted. Script/Signature on the bottom right side of the second panel. Condition: 1st panel has a repaired torn area and both doors show aging/flaking of the paper at the very bottom. These doors are framed in black wood as shown in the photos. Wonderfully preserved colours....
Japanese : Ceramics : Pre 1990 item #1449553 (stock #08267)
t a t a m i


Vintage lucky coin bank of 'Maneki-neko' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maneki-neko) made of light-weight pottery coated in paper then painted in black, Showa period, 20th century, Japan, approx. H 25cm (9.84in). No money inside.

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