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Japanese : Lacquer : Accessories : Pre 1980 item #1187828
Spoils of Time
A Kamakura-bori red over black lacquer plate with flowering Hibiscus decoration. Inscribed in hiragana on the black lacquered surface inside the foot rim. Good condition with some rubbing to the wood on edges of the lacquered, carved flower decoration. Diameter, 9 3/8 inches (23.8 cm)
Japanese : Lacquer : Accessories : Pre 1900 item #1187795
Spoils of Time
Japanese hand drum used with Kabuki, Noh and Minyo. The hourglass shaped wood body with Makie gold on black lacquer decoration of Ho-o No Tori (phoenix). Capped on either end by stretched hide with black lacquer detailing on the outward facing stretched surfaces and rims and with gold lacquer on the inward facing surfaces - the two hide ends held taught over the cupped ends off the wooden body with orange cord. The lacquered wooden body is in good condition...
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1980 item #1186780
Spoils of Time
A fine 20th century studio lacquer charger. Persimmon orange-red lacquer with decoration of peony blossoms incised to an under layer of black lacquer in the Kamakura manner (and possibly from one of the ateliers in that town which can still be seen and visited when trekking up the main street to the temples.) Gilt lacquered rim. Black lacquer also singularly exposed inside the foot rim. Good condition with light wear. Diameter 15 1/2 inches (39.37 cm)
Japanese : Lacquer : Furnishings : Pre 1910 item #1182763
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese red over black lacquer low table with negoro finish. It is decorated with incised scrolling leaves and floral design, scallop legs, circa 1910. It measures 35.5" wide 35.75" long 13.25" tall.
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1920 item #1178764
Zentner Collection
Japanese food container, at times known as a jikiro, where food items are placed inside the container. In tea ceremony, the object is used to place sweets inside. The object is done in black lacquer with makie decorated with a motif of a peony. Inside the container is decorated with gold in the style known as Nashiji, or pear skin. Age: 20th century. Size: Diameter 8" Height 4.75"
Japanese : Lacquer : Accessories : Pre 1900 item #1174361
Zentner Collection
A Japanese tobacco tray, known as tabako bon in Japanese. The set comes with a hi-ire or the container for the charcoal, two drawers to put tobacco in and a kiseru or bamboo pipe. The tray is done in lacquer emulating the pattern on wood grain, as if the tray was done simply with wood and a light stain. The metal fittings on the handle are decorated with pine and the lid for the hiire is decorate with motif of gourds...
Japanese : Lacquer : Accessories : Pre 1940 item #1163890 (stock #3A152)
Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc.
Japanese set of two(2) graduated size Red Lacquer Trays with gold lacquer decoration, made before 1940's, smaller tray fit inside larger tray, larger tray-1 3/8" high, 10 1/2" square with rounded corner, smaller tray-1 1/8" high 9 7/8" square with rounded corner, with three(3) circle floral design in gold on top of the red Lacquer background. The out side and bottom is finished with black lacquer. Gold decorated area is rubbed off a bit...
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1910 item #1148281
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese large lacquer fumibako (letter box for paper), beautiful design of silver hydrangeas flowers with gold lacquer leaves on top and sides, black lacquer with nishiji (gold fleck) ground, interior with the same black lacquer and nishiji ground, underside of lid with dramatic gold makie lacquer scene of young pine sprouts and grass, Meiji Period. Size: 15 3/4" long x 12 3/4" wide x 5 1/2" deep.
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1920 item #1145959
Spoils of Time
A Japanese lacquer bowed top box with portrait of a Kabuki actor - presumably named in gold lacquer and the role of Daihachi named in a lustrous iron color. All slightly raised work, the portrait is in gray, black, red, flesh tone, browns and gold. Lines including pattern and folds in the figure's attire and hair in his coiffure and sideburns cleanly defined with raised work. Metal along the facing edges of the top and bottom have no doubt contributed nicely to the preservation of the box...
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1930 item #1123968
Global Ceramics
A decorative black lacquer box by the Ryukyu Lacquer Ware Company, c 1920. The inside red, the knobbed lid with a carved lacquer banana plant - flowers, fruit and leaves - in colours. Stamped company mark. Diameter "3¾/ 9,7 cm. Condition: small nick to the rim of box and lid (cf. picture).
Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1920 item #1120162
japanes antique textile saiyuu2
This is Japanese antique urushi Lacquer Wooden bowl 8pieces.Each fish is a design of a male and a female. It is made all by hand and is very beautiful.It has a little abrasion. However, it is in a very good state. size:12cm x h8cm (4.72" x 3.15")8pieces
Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1900 item #1105245
Zentner Collection
Price on Request
Japanese gilt lacquer three-case inro, Edo period, 19th century, the flattened body decorated overall with fluttering butterflies, finely rendered in gold, silver and iro-e hiramakie, takamakie and togidashi on a kinji ground with gold foil, aogai and raden inlaid accents, signed Yoyusai followed by a kakihan, the interiors fundame and nashiji (silver oxidized), 3.5''l; together with a copper ojime with bat and floral design in gold, silver and shakudo overlay.

Provenance: Property...
Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1900 item #1105235
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese gilt lacquer three-case inro, in the shape of a large sake jar decorated with two karako (children) surprised by their companion tumbling in a cascade of sake to the opposite side, expertly rendered in gold and silver hiramakie, takamakie, togidashi and usu-nashiji on a kinji ground, the interior's fundame and nashiji (silver oxidized), signed Koryu-saku, Edo Period. together with a lacquered wood bead ojime fashioned as a brocade ball with minute inlay...
Japanese : Lacquer : Accessories : Pre 1910 item #1103967
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese pair of beautiful sake containers, carved wood with lacquer finish, design in gold lacquer of pine branches and scrolling vine motif on very dark brown (almost black) ground, high handles, both identical, Meiji Period. Size: 13 1/2" high x 7" diameter x 10" wide with spout
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1920 item #1102289 (stock #0209)
Japanese Art Site
Taisho Period (1912-1926) Gold and Black Lacquer Obento Lunch Box/Picnic Box filled with symbolism of eternal love. The deer and crane are symbols of longevity, and when they are paired they are symbols of eternal love. The pine tree is also a symbol of longevity. The pastoral scenes and gold flowers are beautifully rendered in gold lacquer on black lacquer. The handle is in the form of a pair of dragons. 14w x 12h x 7d inches, 35.5w x 30.5h x 18d inches.
Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1800 item #1097727 (stock #SK376)
Galerie Hafner
shipping included
Assorted group of Japanese black lacquer tea bowls and saucers for the export. Each decorated in gold with different designs. Four saucers, six small cups and one larger bowl. Condition: rims with little lacquer loss, one bowl with foot rim chip. Dimension: saucers: 11.2 cm diameter. Bowls: 5.9 cm and 6.6 cm diameter. Without wooden stands.
Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1970 item #1091896
Zentner Collection
Stuishu, multi layer lacquer over wood, box, used to hold letters from the Showa Era, 1925-1989. The lid has a serene landscape with mountains. On the inside it has the artist's signature, Kinshodo, and the date, Showa 40 October 10. It is a presentation piece of congratulations from a company, Kabushiki Kaisha in Sendai. The box is bordered with flowers and a rectangular pattern. It measures 5" tall 10.75" wide 13" long. Overall excellent condition.
Japanese : Lacquer : Furnishings : Pre 1900 item #1091256
Spoils of Time
Sold, Shipped to Italy
A 19th century Japanese kyodai (mirror stand) comprised of the stand on two drawer chest. Decorated with gold hiramaki-e and nashiji lacquer techniques depicting pines, prunus and grasses in rocky landscape. The prunus blossoms rendered in oxidized silver haku-e with gold details. Engraved metal terminals adorn scrolled elements and the base of the holder. Two metal insets with Paulownia Mon also adorn the mirror holder as well as the two drawer pulls...
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