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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Chinese : Pre 1800 item #1206370 (stock #WD-038)
JJ Oriental
Sold. Thank you.
A blackwood scholar's table chest with two side handles and brass lock. Size: L. 40.5 cm. W. 23cm. H. 17.5cm. Condition: Some wear and tear from age. Usable.
Chinese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1206352
Coins and Antiques Gallery
Chinese Flambe Glazed porcelain Vessel, from late 19th/ early 20th century period, height of this item is 12 1/2 inches, in very good condition.
Chinese : Antiquities : Hardstones : Pre 1950 item #1206343
Zentner Collection
Beautiful Chinese jade carving of a recumbent dog with a long narrow head and pointed ears. The grey-green matrix with dark flecks and russed inclusions. Nice carved details. Age: Early 20th century. Size: 3" length x 1" width.
Chinese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1940 item #1206311
Coins and Antiques Gallery
A Pair of Polychrome Enameled Porcelain Ginger Jars, each having figural decoration within a shaped reserve above a lappet border, from early 20th century era.. Size, Each jar has height of 5 inches and both items are in very good conditions.
Chinese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1206278 (stock #JHqjHatstand)
June Hastings
A lovely Chinese hat stand featuring a pair of birds and painted in the Qianjiang style using soft pastel enamels. Qianjiang enamel paintings are getting harder to find and this one is in excellent original condition, no chips, no hairlines, no cracks. It measures 11 inches high x 4.75" diameter.
Chinese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1950 item #1206198
Zentner Collection
Beautiful pair of canton rose phoenix birds with pink, blue, lavender, green and yellow feathers. The phoenix stands on one leg with the other leg atop a chrysanthemum bush. The chrysanthemums are pink and blue. The porcelain body is beautifully modeled, with excellent detail and feathers individually modeled and a delicate tongue with red tinting. Spattered pink glaze on chest and under wing. Slight dimpling on the cockscomb. Square impressed stamp. Age: Republic period (c...
Chinese : Ceramics : Stoneware : Pre 1700 item #1205980
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
Sold to the USA
Decorated with a dragon hunting the flaming pearl. Made in two segments with a horizontal seam. Excellent condition with slight age wear and scratches to the glaze. H. 7 cm , diameter 8 cm.
Chinese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1700 item #1205970 (stock #5223)
Abacus Asian Art
Sold, Thank You Very Much
A nice and original red enamel dish, decorated with a phoenix at the interior. Ming dynasty 17th century Swatow type in perfect condition. Diameter:
Chinese : Antiquities : Early Ceramics : Pre 1920 item #1205954 (stock #JHgnRibJar)
June Hastings
A very attractive Chinese stoneware jar with a wide ribbed body. Hand crafted with a dark celadon glaze, the inside which is brown is also glazed, can hold liquids, and can be used as a vase. In excellent original condition, no cracks, no hairlines. Circa 20th Century, it measures 8” high x 8.5” diameter, mouth measures 5" across.
Chinese : Textiles : Apparel : Pre 1900 item #1205919
Sold, thank you.
Up for sale is an antique Chinese Qing dynasty Manchu woman's informal domestic robe in the style of Empress Dowager Cixi's ( Ts'u Hsi) reign; late 19th ; intricate embroideries with plums and butterflies in a light green silk ground, vibrant colors ! Front enclosure to the right with 5 large gilted toggle-and-loop buttons, and backed with pink color lining. The robe is in excellent condition.
Chinese : Textiles : Apparel : Pre 1900 item #1205918
Sold. Thank you.
Up for sale is a red silk Chinese dragon robe, most likely a bride's wedding dress; embroidered with 5-claw dragons chasing flaming pearl, clouds, sea waves, foo dogs, phoenixes, butterflies,bats,and other Toaist auspicious objects executed in forbidden stitch, long & wide sleeves; backed with light green silk lining; excellent condition, bright red silk ground.
Chinese : Ceramics : Pottery : Pre 1492 item #1205803 (stock #lot1047)
Hu's Collection
A Jianyang tea bowl was unusually-found in mustard-green glaze.
It was in evert form.
Greasy feel condition was yielded on the surface when dark-tinted body clay was revealed at the bottom.
The bowl was preserved in perfect condition.
It was very rare to find a Jianyang tea bowl in green glaze which was caused most likely by transformation of firing temperature.

Date: Southern Song Dynasty,1127-1279.

Width: 12.5cm...
Chinese : Furniture : Hardwood : Pre 1910 item #1205790
Zentner Collection
A Chinese cabinet with two sections inside. The top shelf has two drawers and the bottom shelf has a single drawer. The bottom of the cabinet has metal rings to attach ropes, where the cabinet can be moved anywhere. A few similar cabinets were used by officials during the Qing to transport official documents when assigned to distant regions in the empire. Age: Qing Dynasty- Republic Period Size: height 25" width 13" length 22"
Chinese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1910 item #1205757 (stock #KE17inPorcVa)
June Hastings
A lovely Chinese famille rose vase featuring court ladies relaxing in a garden setting, a popular Chinese theme. Colors are still rich and vibrant with calligraphy on the back. Dated circa 1900,without any damage, no chips, hairlines, it measures: 17 inches high.
Chinese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1205686
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
Decorated on both sides with saints or immortals in enamel colors. H.7 cm. Condition: a 5 mm almost invisible (glaze) crack right above the handle of the censer that one of the saints is resting on. Expected age wear.
Chinese : Pre 1700 item #1205608 (stock #4634)
Galerie Hafner
Two Chinese blue and white reticulated "linglong" tea bowls, from the Hatcher shipwreck, dating from circa 1643. Each painted with five roundels enclosing different landscapes in underglaze blue, flanked by pierced cash motif walls. Standing on a short footrim, the base is unglazed and with a red "Hatcher Collection" label. Condition: fine, one bowl with a minimal tiny rim chip. Dimension: diameter: 9.1 cm, 4.9 cm and 5.1 cm high.
Chinese : Textiles : Apparel : Pre 1900 item #1205598
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
A late Qing ladies skirt in a striking color combination with two marvellous embroidered panels with butterflies and flowers. H. 100 cm, W. 110 cm. Age wear two the black borders and wear and stains on the inside of the skirt. The purple silk and the embroidery is in perfect condition.
Chinese : Jewelry : Hardstones and Minerals : Pre 1980 item #1205373 (stock #BJjadeNeck)
June Hastings
Classic deep natural green jade necklace measuring 21" long with 8 mm beads. Hand knotted between each bead. The clasp acid tests 14 kt.
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