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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Chinese : Textiles : Apparel : Pre 1837 VR item #1249032
Up for sale is a rare antique Chinese silk rank badge, early 1800's, embroidered with a paradise flycatcher bird, bats, peonies, peaches, seawaves, sun disc, colored cloud patterns, buddhist auspicious symbols against a dark blue silk ground; meant to be wore on the back of a Mandarin official's surcoat; intricate embroideries ! Backed with light blue silk lining. Measurements : 12" x 12.5" Overall, it is in very good condition, vibrant silk floss embroideries, no tear or wear...
Chinese : Carvings : Wood : Pre 1920 item #1248836
Zentner Collection
Antique Chinese coffer, made from huangju/yellow jumu, with large open compartment bordered with oriental carvings, below are two hinged doors with metal handles, five drawers, and one drawer at the top left and right sides of the coffer. 19th century Size: 34.75" height, 26.25" width, 10" depth
Chinese : Jewelry : Hardstones and Minerals : Pre 1900 item #1248648
GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art
Four silver hair pins with jade carvings. The carvings: a hand holding a fish, a toad, a white hand (missing it's pinky) and a jade bead. Length 10 cm.
Chinese : Textiles : Panels : Pre 1910 item #1248621
Up for sale is an antique Chinese embroidered silk panels with 2 foo lions playing with balls - Intricate embroideries from silk floss and gold wrapped threads, together with other buddhist & toaist auspicious objects against a light brown/orange back ground ; backed with light color linen...
Chinese : Antiquities : Pre 1900 item #1248567 (stock #SK754)
Galerie Hafner
shipping included
Two small Chinese fine paintings in ink and colors on silk. One depicting a female warrior, maybe Mulan, the other with a Chinese Beauty. Mounted in gold lacquered wood frames. Condition: fine. Dimension image: 17.2 cm x 8.6 cm, frame: 23 cm x 15.3 cm.
Chinese : Furniture : Hardwood : Pre 1920 item #1248372
Zentner Collection
Elegant and lovely Chinese couch/love seat, made of Rosewood wood with a beautiful sheen, three carved panels on the headrest of twisting branches with flower blossoms and birds, oriental designs adorning the front and sides of the bottom portion, and silvery cushions with ivory colored fans or dandelions, c 1960. Size: 31" height, 56.25" width
Chinese : Pre 1700 item #1248340 (stock #4744)
Galerie Hafner
The female immortal "He Xiangu" depicted as a dancer with wafting dress. Cast in bronze with partial gilding. Dating to the 16th or early 17th century. Please refer to a complete set of the "baxian" in the Musee Cernuschi catalogue, Paris: "Bronzes de la Chine imperiale", pages 154-155. Condition: apparently one foot lost but standing quite firm, please look at pictures carefully, they make part of the condition report. Dimension: 11. 7 cm high, weight: 196 g.
Chinese : Furniture : Hardwood : Pre 1920 item #1248302
Zentner Collection
Chinese chair made from precious Zitan (pterocarpus santalinus) wood with a beautiful finish, wicker seat, oriental shapes with dragon heads carved both into the back of the chair and outlining the front and sides of the chair's underside. Dates from the mid 20th century. Very heavy in weight. Size: 46.5" height, 22.5" width
Chinese : Folk Art : Pre 1900 item #1248217 (stock #2A122A)
Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc.
Chinese Glass Mandarin Hat Finial converted to lamp Finial, wrapped around with silver and gold color leafy shape band which is all original but bottom piece is soldiered to brass lamp adapter. The clear glass knob is 1 1/4" diameter.
Chinese : Jewelry : Hardstones and Minerals : Pre 1920 item #1248212 (stock #10A83)
Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc.
Chinese natural Turquoise stone Tassel, two(2) larger natural shape Turquoise(1/2" x 1/2" x 1/4") between two(2) small round Turquoise Beads(1/4" diameter). The condition is good.
Chinese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1980 item #1248196
Asian Works of Art Gallery
Please ask
Signed 1915 or can be 1975 based on the inscription , from chu San artisan, attributed or signed as popular artist cheng yi ting as signed , a very nice hand painted painting of birds from Republic period. enjoy!
Chinese : Metalwork : Bronze : Pre 1900 item #1248142
Zentner Collection
Antique chinese bronze vase with a wide oval moon shaped body and short, small neck. On either side is a small raised design. Stunning original natural aged patina finish.

Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD).

Size: 10.25" height, 11.75" width
Chinese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1700 item #1247925 (stock #JWluHaiShang)
June Hastings
Chinese Ming dynasty, 1368-1644,wood carving of Liu Hai holding a pearl in his left hand and 3 legged toad in his right hand. The back of the seat or throne is slightly charred, but the burn is so old that it now has a nice patina. Considered to be in excellent antique condition, this statue measures about 14" (35.6 cm)tall.
Chinese : Trade Arts : Pre 1700 item #1247916 (stock #5508)
Abacus Asian Art
Sold, Thank You
A good late Ming dynasty 17th century blue and white jar, painted with vividly pencil style three friends of winter. Condition is perfect. High: 7.3 cm.
Chinese : Furniture : Hardwood : Pre 1900 item #1247576
Zentner Collection
Price on Request
Chinese antique large pair of heavy carved hardwood plaques inlaid with jade, agate and other semi precious stones, scenes of scholar objects and flower containers with a deep brown lacquer ground, the back of each plaque has characters in gold on a red ground, the frames are carved with flowers and butterflies, heavy bronze hangers, 19th century. Size of each: 55 1/2" high x 36 3/4" wide
Chinese : Textiles : Apparel : Pre 1900 item #1247575
Zentner Collection
Antique Chinese silken robe in a deep navy color adorned with blue butterflies, blue flowers with forbidden stitching, and rolling waves along the bottom. The sleeves are white silk with embroidery depicting flora and architecture in shades of blue, surrounded by gold stitching, with a beautiful robed woman carrying a fan. The mandarin collar has brightly colored cranes on either side and blue lucky bats on the back of the neck. Gold fasteners of interesting shape adorn the robe's front...
Chinese : Antiquities : Hardstones : Pre 1920 item #1247508 (stock #10A143A)
Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc.
Chinese Nephrite Jade Toggle, boy holding branch tightly, 2 3/4" high, 1 3/8 wide, 1" deep, light Celadon color, nice old patina. The condition is good, no damage.
Chinese : Scholar Art : Paintings and Calligraphy : Pre 1920 item #1247505 (stock #10A142E)
Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc.
Chinese Nephrite Jade Chop or Seal, carved figure on top, very light pale white greenish color, Ca. 1800's, 1 1/2" high, 7/8" x 5/8" for oval shape bottom, no names carved on the bottom. There are two(2) old stained tiny frits on the bottom rim area.
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