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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1920 item #1471334 (stock #7255)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Very rare hard wood charger with incised and colored flower patterns in the center, from Cambodia circa first half 20th century. D: 28.5cm/11.2in and H: 4.5cm/1.8in. Excellent condition- signs of wear but no cracks or chips.
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1448937
Zentner Collection
Price on Request
An antique Thai Manuscript Storage Cabinet made of Teak that was used to store and preserve Buddhist scriptures that were written on manuscripts made of palm-leaf as well as text on Buddhism written on Khoi paper. Often donated by wealthy patrons to monasteries, they housed these venerable writings. It was decorated using a technique called Lai Rod Nam that is gold on a black lacquer ground...
Southeast Asian : Furniture : European Market : Pre 1900 item #1447011
Zentner Collection
Hard to find Javanese Solid Teak wooden wheeled secure storage trunk from Jakarta. Handpainted with original pigments of green, russet chestnut orange with patterns of foliated flowers and rolling waves. Carved shell located at the lower center of the base.
Hardwood teak top hinges open revealing a spacious open storage area. Nobility class furniture.

Jakarta, Indonesia's massive capital, sits on the northwest coast of the island of Java...
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1910 item #1431377
Zentner Collection
A highly original late 18th century Tibetans monks trunk. An early example of painted Tibetan furniture, the chest is lavishly decorated with emblems symbolic of two deer resting on lotus blossoms looking up at the wheel of Dharmachakra. Original pigment in great condition showing much of the colors.
Raised outlines and layers of glossy lacquer catch the light, accentuating the trunk’s otherworldly subject matter...
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1950 item #1415880
Zentner Collection
This is a mid century modern console table made of solid Acacia wood. Thick slabs were combined with strong dovetail joinery to make this beautiful piece. The natural finish eccentuates the undulating wood grain of this table.

Age: Mid Century 1950's

73 1/4" Wide x 31 1/4" High x 15 5/8" Deep
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1980 item #1403601
Zentner Collection
Large root wood table made of gnarled hardwood. Beautiful piece made all of a single piece of root wood. Southeast Asian.

Dimensions: 23" high x 62" long x 39" wide.
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1950 item #1402733 (stock #5096)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Nice old red and black lacquered Cambodian “siri” box, with lovely incised scrolling fern pattern This piece predates the Khmer Rouge regime and circa 60 or 70 years old. In good condition, there is no significant damage other expected signs of use and wear and the lid is a bit warped...
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1402723
Zentner Collection
Rare Tibetan hand-painted lacquer altar cabinet. Original finish with patina. The front three panels depict three faces. The left face has red skin and green hair with eyes opened wide. The middle face is upside down with eyes coming out of its skull, representing the kapala or skull cup used in sacred Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies. The face on the right is called citipati, representing both the eternal dance of death as well as perfect awareness...
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1387635
Zentner Collection
Price on Request
An elaborate and intricate Burmese shrine or altar. The shrine proper is encased in clear glass and sets upon a large enclosed cabinet, most likely for storing devotional items. High relief, gilt dry lacquer has been molded in scrolling floral and foliated patterns. Glass "gems" have been further inset into the design for even more opulent style. A pair of emerald green glass panels have been inset on either side of the mirrored central door...
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1383559
Zentner Collection
Antique Tibetan trunk with lid, hand-painted in pigments of red, green, orange, yellow, and gold. The front of the chest with a dragon medallion, surrounded by blooming flowers, smoke, scrolling motifs and auspicious symbols. The lid is secured shut by a front clasp and metal rings attaching it to the body of the trunk.

Dates from 18th century Dimensions: 39 3/4" L x 16 1/2" D x 22" H
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1800 item #1379088
Zentner Collection
Rare antique Tibetan painted chest with a trapezoid form, with lift away lid, and leather straps. The front of the chest is hand-painted in pigments of red, green, yellow, depicting a mythical creature with conch shell and flowers.

Mid to Late 18th Century

Dimensions: 54" L (widest point) 40" L (narrowest point), 17 1/2" D x 26" H
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1376033
Zentner Collection
An original Tibetan trunk, all hand-painted in red pigment with yellow pigment motifs of flowering vines and central mandala wheel. The sides of the chest are carved with foliate edge apron just below the iron locking clasp. The trunk's lid lifts away to access the roomy interior.

18th/19th Century Tibet

Dimensions: 52" x 20 1/2" x 25 1/4" H
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1920 item #1368235
Zentner Collection
Antique Tibetan lacquer cabinet, hand-painted in motifs of flowers and foliage surrounding a central auspicious object on each front panel. Its 4 front doors are removable and swing open on rounded pegs. The top surface is slightly flared and has a panel carved with geometric designs below, similar to those seen in each painting.

Early 20th century

Dimensions: 46" L x 19" D x 37.5" H
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1837 VR item #1367912 (stock #WD-049)
JJ Oriental
A very rare and important teak Temple chest with beautiful gold leaf relief design of Buddha with his adoring subjects. Age: 18th century. Size: L. 77cm. W. 40cm. H. 46.2cm. Condition: No repairs. Some small loss of the gold leaf which is common for the age.
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1358410 (stock #LACQ-017)
JJ Oriental
A decorated covered bowl from the Arakan State. The bowl is in two parts with three clawed foot stand.These bowls were created mostly for Buddhist votive use. Age: Late 19th century. Size: H. 42.5cm. W. 28.5cm. Condition: No repairs. Some loss of the glass inserts from age.
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1980 item #1331121
Zentner Collection
Small hardwood bench from the Philippines called a "bangkito" with a beautiful shining finish, grooved edges, four short legs. Solid heavy in weight. 20th Century Size: 10" H x 35" L x 12" D
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1910 item #1329978 (stock #BBB-006)
JJ Oriental
Price on Request
A very rare and unusual gilded Burmese table with floral designs and glass inlaid on three sides., most likely used in a temple. Age: Early 20th century. Size: L.77cm. W. 55cm. H. 73cm. Condition: No repairs. Normal wear.
Southeast Asian : Furniture : Pre 1910 item #1321688 (stock #LACQ-018)
JJ Oriental
An unusual and rare alms basket with glass inlays from the Arakan State. Age: Late 19th Century. Size: H. 19.5cm. Diameter.of the base. 34cm. Condition: No repairs. Wood chip in the inside of the base. See last photo.
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