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Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1900 item #1416550 (stock #4A74G)
Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc.
Japanese Lacquered Ceramic No Mask Okame Netsuke, Ca. 1900, Meiji period, 1 5/8" high, 1 1/4" wide, 3/4" deep, smiling slender eyes with dimples on both fat cheeks, beautiful face with red small tiny lips. Nicely aged with old patina, no damages.
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1900 item #1411206
Zentner Collection
An antique four case Japanese Inro with lacquer and gold flecked images of pine trees with a bone netsuke of a monkey holding a persimmon and an agate ojime.

Date: early Meiji Period: Circa 1880's

Dimensions: 4" long X 2.5" wide
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1900 item #1405372
Zentner Collection
A rare Japanese Hirado porcelain Netsuke with a movable tongue. The unglazed porcelain of the Hotti has a laughing face with a tongue that moves in and out of his mouth. He is carrying a guord and walking stick. Netsuke are miniature sculptures that were invented in 17th-century Japan to serve a practical function (the two Japanese characters ne + tsuke mean “root” and “to attach”)...
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1900 item #1386390
Helen M Edwards
Height: 8 cm (3.1 in)
Width: 2.3 cm (0.9 in)
Depth: 2.3 cm (0.9 in)

Japanese porcelain Hirado netsuke; in the form of a monkey Sambuca dancer; articulated head and tongue; good condition
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1960 item #1384666
Helen M Edwards
Height: 3.7 cm (1.4 in)
Width: 1.5 cm (0.6 in)

Japanese netsuke of entwined gourds; probably marine natural material; fine seal carved to the base; signed Shuzan; good condition
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1920 item #1369368 (stock #J442)
Haruko Watanabe
Sold. Thank you.
A small bag made of deer skin with shibori (tie-dye) pattern. The brown color is dyed with the technique called "fusube-gawa". The deer skin is smoked with burning rice straws and gets brown color. Fusube-gawa is used for armors or wallets in Edo period. It has silk cords and lining. In excellent condition. Late 19th to early 20th century. 15cm x 18cm
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1837 VR item #1368858 (stock #220)
Forestangel Asian Antiques
1800's, excellently hand-carved Japanese mix-materials netsuke depicting Okame performing the Japanese custom of Mamemaki (bean scattering) during Setsubun (the day before the beginning of Spring) to cleanse away all the evil (demons) of the former year, and drive away disease-bringing evil spirits for the year to come...
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1800 item #1363379
Helen M Edwards
Height: 7.5 cm (3 in)
Width: 1.6 cm (0.7 in)
Depth: 2 cm (0.8 in)

Early Japanese antler netsuke of a Sennin; fine old patina; good condition
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1900 item #1363375
Helen M Edwards
Height: 2.4 cm (0.9 in)
Length: 3 cm (1.2 in)
Depth: 2.5 cm (1.0 in)

Rare Japanese nut netsuke of a bird carved and signed by Hidari Issan; inlaid dark horn eyes encircled by a ring of metal; signature carved in an oval reserve
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1900 item #1319867 (stock #141)
Forestangel Asian Antiques
This is a 19th century finely hand-carved Hidemasa-styled Netsuke depicting a seated Hotei, carrying a large bag of fortune over his shoulders while holding a fan with his right hand. Two Karakos are with the God of Happiness, one is seated over the edge of his robes, while the other is on top of the bag right next to the deity's head. The garments of Hotei and Karakos are decorated with spiraling scrolls in the style of Hidemasa...
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1900 item #1319864 (stock #140)
Forestangel Asian Antiques
This is a finely carved Netsuke of a Group of Seals. The seals are arranged next to a tiered box. The knobs of the seals are carved as a Shishi, a reishi group, and a rock. One of the seals has a loose ring. One seals has been placed on top of the tiered box. All seals are engraved with red-stained characters. Netsuke measures 1.35 X 1.23 inches (3.4cm X 3.1cm), and 0.62 inches (1.6cm) tall. Unsigned. Netsuke is in excellent preserved contdition.
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1900 item #1240899
Zentner Collection
Whimsical antique Japanese netsuke of two octopi in embrace, carved in beautiful cherry amber with lots of little details. The Japanese would wear small stacked containers called inro from their belts or sash. Inro boxes were held together by a long cord running down its sides that looped at the top, held together by a netsuke bead and an ojime bead. The cord would run through the two holes featured on this netsuke. 19th century Size: 1.5" tall x 1.5" wide
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1900 item #1174779 (stock #10681)
Welcome To Another Century
Pipecase of the otoshizutsu form carved out of stag antler with a décor in low relief of a tiger crouching on a rock with sprigs of bamboo surrounding the rock. Surrounding the himotoshi is more bamboo. Unsigned. Japan, 19th century.
H 7 7/8 inches
Worn with old damages in thinner areas of the stag horn and small hole approximately where the pipe head would be, further scraped off with a knife.
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1900 item #831039
Asian Art By Kyoko
Price on Request
A Japanese pipe case (kizeruzutsu) decorated on a deep red lacquer and lacquered *agiro ground with Chinese bell flowers (kikyo) on one side and a waterlily on the other side. It is attached to a stylish leather pouch with a clasp of mixed metal beans. Some damages on lacquer. Late Edo/Meiji period. *Ajiro is a woven wickerwork made out of strips of bamboo skin, cypress bark or Japanese reed.
Japanese : Netsuke : Other : Pre 1837 VR item #761232 (stock #0170)
Japanese Art Site
Edo Period Sagemono Tobacco Pipe Set from the collection of a renowned author on and collector of Asian art. Kiseruzutsu (pipe case) of woven straw; kiseru (pipe) of silver, copper and bamboo with painted decorations; tobacco pouch of leather with a bronze dragon lock and a green glass Ojime (sliding button). Pipe and Case: 8 inches, 20 cm long; Pouch: 5 1/2 x 3 5/8 inches, 14 x 8.25 cm. Excellent Condition.
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