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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Chinese : Furniture : Pre 1920 item #1475404 (stock #7314)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Tibetan Khaden rug with auspicious floral pattern and ”meander” border. L: 168cm/67 in and W: 84cm/33in. There is some wear in center and it is faded on one end giving it pastel colors- from a decorator’s point of view this may desirable. Cotton warp with wool weft. Vintage circa 1950.
Chinese : Furniture : Hardwood : Pre 1910 item #1474912 (stock #TC591)
Asian Ethnic Artifacts
The cabinet is dark brown lacquer possibly over-painted. There are mother of pearl inlay of very old Chinese calligraphy characters on the doors and drawer front... with no translation available. There is a copper/bronze decorative latch on the cabinet doors. This cabinet would have been used in a prayer niche and would have held religious objects 32 x 13 x 7 inches.
Chinese : Furniture : Hardwood : Pre 1980 item #1474728 (stock #400)
Conservatoire Sakura
Chinese colossal armchair in carved wood. Dimensions of an Imperial throne. Excellent quality wood, very hard with very fine grain, excessively heavy (an armchair weighs 80kg) nice grain. Intricate but elegant perfect cabinetmaker work. Sculptures in relief and cut with a total mastery of the tool. The drawings are precise, elegant and show no fault of chisel or taste. In addition, all the subjects treated have traditional Chinese meanings, longevity, fortune, luck, marital happiness, etc...
Chinese : Furniture : Pre 1920 item #1474220 (stock #2023021818)
Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts
Chinese antique rosewood mother of pearl garden stool. losses of mother of pearl, a small chip to foot. 42 inches height.
Chinese : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1473228
Zentner Collection
An antique Tibetan storage cabinet that also doubled as a shrine. Decorated in painted lacquer with playful snow lions as the central motif. The skirt is decorated in a key fret design.

Age: 19th Century

Dimensions: 45 3/4" Wide by 43 1/2" High by 16 3/4" Deep
Chinese : Furniture : Accessories : Pre 1900 item #1473035
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Chinese Qing dynasty to Republic period rectangular form hinged camphor wood storage box with dove tail joints, narrow removable inner shelf, round brass lock plate at the center front, and brass side carrying handles. Late 19th to early 20th century. 17 1/4" long x 9 3/8” wide x 8 3/4" high. Very good overall condition with only a few fine cracks from age. From the Phoenix, Arizona estate of a former expatriate to China from 1983-1987.
Chinese : Furniture : Accessories : Pre 1900 item #1472992 (stock #385)
Conservatoire Sakura
Set of fittings in cast and hammered bronze, suitable for 2 Chinese cabinets with one door or for a large cabinet with double doors. All the elements are decorated with chisel-engraved dragons. A padlock is part of the lot. Hand-threaded rods and nuts allow the installation of fittings on the furniture. Dimensions of the hinges: 150 x 55 mm Dimensions of the central plates: 252 x 50 mm Oxidized, patinated. Good condition.
Chinese : Furniture : Pre 1492 item #1471636 (stock #7291)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Ming Dynasty ceramic wedding booth. Traditionally in China, a woman was carried in a covered wedding sedan chair by bearers accompanied by musicians. This piece has a detachable roof, replicating a draped cloth and is in good condition- only a few minor glaze frits. Would make an excellent display stand for a small Buddha. H: 35cm/13.8in and 12.5cm/4.8in.
Chinese : Furniture : Accessories : Pre 1920 item #1470901 (stock #7243)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Very fine, Ningxia Buddhist wall carpet, from a Tibetan monastery, circa late Qing Dynasty. Constructed with a supple cotton warp and weft- the pile is very smooth (like silk). The design consists of Manchu writing at the top, Buddhist and Taoist auspicious symbols underneath with waves symbolizing the cosmic ocean at the very bottom. Clean, no stains or holes. The ends are stabilized with a more recent hem stitch, there appears to be one half centimeter missing at the ends...
Chinese : Furniture : Accessories : Pre 1920 item #1470758 (stock #7241)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Intriguing gold and black lacquered depiction of an Taoist immortal brewing the elixir of immortality in a gourd-(possibly Japanese). Condition: some lacquer losses, please examine enlargements. L: 35cm/13.8in x W: 17.5cm/6.9in.
Chinese : Furniture : Accessories : Pre 1920 item #1470208
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
An example of Taiwan country furniture, this Chinese antique wood trunk sits on a custom-made stand and is finely decorated in panels of black ink painted flowers. It was purchased in Peitou, Taiwan in 1987. It was refinished at that time and the custom stand was made for it. The dealer in Taiwan dated the trunk to circa 1920 and described the wood as machilus. When the lid is opened, the interior is very fragrant. On the stand, the trunk measures 15” high x 25” long x 17” deep...
Chinese : Furniture : Accessories : Pre 1960 item #1469448 (stock #JHmarRosStan)
June Hastings
A pair of vintage Chinese hand carved display or plant stands with marble inserts. Measures 9.25" high x 7" diameter. Marble insert measures 6" diameter. Well constructed and solid.
Chinese : Furniture : Hardwood : Pre 1910 item #1468653 (stock #20102201)
Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts
Composed of two sections, the door panels carved and decorated with a mirrored image of stylized lotus stems and embellished with carved white jade plaques. Side panels carved in similar louts motif. {H 43 5/8 x W 23 1/2 x D 9 7/8 inches (110.8 x 59.6 x 25 cm)}. Condition: Cracks and minor chips on the wood.
Chinese : Furniture : Hardwood : Pre 1900 item #1467024 (stock #20222906)
Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts
A Chinese Reticulated Carved Rosewood Opium Bed with Marble Insert. The shaped sides are reticulated and mounted with various variegated whitish marble plaque insets, and the front apron panel with similar decorations, all raised on sturdy curved section legs terminating in hoof feet. {H approx. 50 1/2 x W 71 1/4 x D 42 3/4 inches (128.2 x 180.9 x 108.5 cm)}. Condition: Wear, cracks and scratches.
Chinese : Furniture : Hardwood : Pre 1900 item #1466486 (stock #294)
Conservatoire Sakura
Set of 8 panels carved in a beautiful hardwood probably rosewood. They are very finely openworked with stylized dragons moving in scrolls. In the center a bone inlay. The cutouts as well as the details are very skilfully executed. Probably pieces of furniture. Probably china but perhaps vietnam. The largest panel measures 215mm. Bone inlays are missing.
Chinese : Furniture : Pre 1920 item #1466060
Zentner Collection
A Chinese antique stand made of a root burl hardwood. The dramatic twists and turns of this gnarled wood adds visual movement and depth to any treasure to be showcased on its platform.

Age: Early Republic Period

Dimensions: 31 1/2" Wide by 39" High by 27" Deep
Chinese : Furniture : Accessories : Pre 1920 item #1465617 (stock #7153)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Special Offer: 1# Nice old wood bowl from circa late 19th to early 20th century- some losses to the lacquer and small splits on the rim but otherwise good condition. D: 16.3cm/6.4in an H: 6.4cm/2.5in 2#Tibetan yak butter tea “po cha” or barley beer “chang” bowl carved from burlwood, possibly Rhododendron circa 50 to 100 years old. D:11.8cm/4.6in and H: 5cm/1.9in, there is one worn chip on the edge. This was not turned on a lathe, but entirely craved by hand.
Chinese : Furniture : Hardwood : Pre 1930 item #1465406 (stock #278)
Conservatoire Sakura
Table with double trays serving as a double stand for precious objects,censers or vases. It is constructed from a hard precious wood that resembles rosewood. It is possible that it is Huang-Hualy, a specialist will be able to identify it. The construction is very neat, the joints are perfect, it is a beautiful work of cabinetmaking. I think it is a Chinese piece of furniture from the beginning of the 20th century. Good condition, no restoration, beautiful patina. 545x245mm
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