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Auctions on Far East Asian Art are scheduled to close for bidding on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in 2014. This may be extended for some holidays and occasions including first Wednesdays less than four days into the month. Additional specialty and collection auctions may be scheduled.
Jan 22 Auction 2014
Feb 12 Auction 2014
Mar 19 Auction 2014 (extended from the 12th due to time discrepancies in messaging)
Apr 16 Auction 2014
May 14 Auction 2014
June 11 Auction 2014
July 16 Auction 2014
extended to August 20 after access issues
(originally the 13th)
September 17 Auction 2014
October 15 Auction 2014
November 12 Auction 2014
December 15 Auction 2014
a couple days earlier, on Monday, to help with time to ship for holiday gifting
Auctions are in preview while members are adding lots. We now support early bidding from the time a lot is added. Items added early in the first week may sit for a while but are more likely to appear in illustrated advertising for the event. About two weeks before closing, no more lots are accepted.

Registered Vervendi members may request a bidding paddle from Far East Asian Art. Registration with Vervendi is free. Then you can request a bidding paddle from any auctioneer Vervendi supports. Requesting a paddle from Far East Asian Art is free at the moment. There may be a verifying charge (then typically voided) to request a paddle from other auctioneers.

To bid, at least the minimum bid amount must be submitted. Amounts submitted higher than the minimum bid will be kept confidential and will be executed on your behalf only against competing bids until depleted.

At the scheduled time, the first lot closes for bidding. Subsequent lots close at a regular interval (usually 1 minute). At the conclusion of bidding, win notices are sent to buyers and sellers.

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