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Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1910 item #1467081 (stock #3340)
Mastromauro Japanese art
EUR €6,500
A Japanese lacquered and Shibayama inlaid baluster vase. Two panels with a gold background framed by two dragons, the first decorated with a samurai feeding a hawk on a perch under a cherry tree in bloom. On the other side two festively dressed karakos dancing and playing the flute. Full of imperial symbols such as dragons, phoenixes and red cranes flying along the upper neck. Meiji period late 19th century Sizes: 18 x 8 x 8 cm. Condition report: Good condition
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1980 item #1461454 (stock #BNJredJapFis)
June Hastings
Japanese Kamakura Bori fish dish or tray. Finely hand carved in the shape of a red sea bream using the Kamakura lacquer technique, this dish was made for Fitz & Floyd in the 1970's. In excellent condition, it measures 15" long, 6" at widest point.
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1940 item #1460178
Zentner Collection
A vintage Japanese bamboo wall hanging featuring the famous monk Daruma with a proverb attributed to his wisdom. The saying reads Nanakorobi Yaoki or Seven Falls Down Requires Eight Times Up...
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1900 item #1432893
Reflets des Arts
Unusual japanese usuhi lacquer panel of an Samurai armor. Decorated with a very fine japanese gold lacquer armor on a black ground. Fineness of details in particular for the spear and the cuirass with the dragon. Size : 52,5 x 40,5 cm. Japan Edo, end of 18th, very early 19th century.
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1700 item #1428358
Tora Tori Gallery
Very old square-shaped incense box (kogo) on a brown lacquer base and sprinkled with gold powder (nashiji and hirame) it represents, on the cover a marine decoration of shells and seaweed in relief in maki and taka maki-e. The interior uses the same decorative themes. the edges of the cover and the base are in shibuishi (an alloy of copper and silver). An original wooden box allows the storage and protection of this kogo. Period: Edo late 17th early 18th century. dimensions: 6cm (2,35") squared.
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1940 item #1387240 (stock #BNJmopCharge)
June Hastings
A beautiful Japanese black lacquer over wood with applied mother of pearl charger featuring 2 sparrow-like birds surrounded by cherry blossoms. The branches have gold highlights and the cherry blossom buds have red lacquer accents. One small mop bud is missing, otherwise in very good condition. Measures 17 inches in diameter.
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1354089 (stock #1317)
Dragon's Pearl
$ 3800
A fine KAMAKURA BORI koro in the shape of a lion ( shishi ); Kamakura bori = special type of lacquer typical of the Kamakura area. Signed Shunsho; kiri-tomobako inscribed: Kamakura bori shishi koro, Shunsho Sogaku tsukuru. Late Meiji to Taisho, c. 1900-20. H. 19 cm, L. 24,5 cm. Condition: perfect!
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1900 item #1345502 (stock #3A160B)
Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc.
Japanese Mother of Pearl and Bone inlaid Lacquer Panel of Tea Ceremony picture on black Lacquer wooden panel, Ca. Meiji period, 1880's, 26" high, 16 1/4" wide, 3/4" depth, two(2) ladies preparing traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, silver geometric design border on black Lacquered panel inside black lacquered frame. There are some very small lacquer losses around the frame, shows very thin separation on wood panel in the back, but does not show in front, stains on the lady's hair.
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1900 item #1229996
Spoils of Time
Distressed Japanese Iki mask with crystal eyes. Gofun finish over dry lacquer composition. Details including veins, wrinkles and furrows. The surface is in a distressed state with significant losses and some 'alligatored' texture possibly from exposure to elements. Would make a worthy conservation project for someone with the patience to recoat and touch up losses (the missing left ear being most challenging.) Length, about 9 1/4 inches (23.49 cm)
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1960 item #1226079
Zentner Collection
A Japanese green lacquered art deco flower stand. The middle area contains wooden pieces inlaid within the lacquer to create an interesting geometric pattern. Japanese art deco became popular during the early periods of the Showa and the post-war era of Japanese art. Age: Showa Period Size: Length 16" Width 11.25" Height 1"
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1213723 (stock #949)
Intandane ltd
Sold in our Liverpool shop -December 2014 / 利物浦店内售出 - 2014年12月
A painted lacquer panel decorated with carved bone, ivory and "composition" figures depicting a farmer and a boy in a mountain landscape...
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1900 item #1210223 (stock #130713)
Sale $750.00 w/US priority/ins.
Item was $1,800.00
The size of Each Makie Hibachi: 10 1/4" Dia x 7 5/8" High. The pair of Japanese Kiriwood(paulownia) Hibachi with Makie(lacuqer) works. Each Hibachi is made from single Kiri wood. Each Hibachi has Makie(lacuqer) works on front as well as on the back. The design of Botan(peony) and bamboo fence works are done carved then lacquers. There is nashiji work as well as moters pearl powderd works on the leaves. Hibachi came with copper container inside to hold...
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1980 item #1186780
Spoils of Time
A fine 20th century studio lacquer charger. Persimmon orange-red lacquer with decoration of peony blossoms incised to an under layer of black lacquer in the Kamakura manner (and possibly from one of the ateliers in that town which can still be seen and visited when trekking up the main street to the temples.) Gilt lacquered rim. Black lacquer also singularly exposed inside the foot rim. Good condition with light wear. Diameter 15 1/2 inches (39.37 cm)
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1900 item #1090549 (stock #R357)
Japanese Art Site
A Group of Japanese Meiji Period Gold Lacquered Wood Lotus Blossoms. They were displayed on the altar of a Buddhist temple and represent rebirth and the cycle of life. Each flower is depicted in a different state of maturity. Late 19th Century. Height of the tallest flower: 30 inches (76cm).
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1950 item #1001983 (stock #MOR2833)
The Kura
Sold, Thank you!
A set of 12 lacquered panels depicting scenes of the 12 months by 12 different and important artists including Living national Treasures Terai Naoji and Komo Kanzan as well as Pioneering female artist Tenno Bundo, all in the original wooden box signed individually by each artist and dated Showa 24 (1949) and stated to have been assembled under Honma Maika...
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1900 item #697775 (stock #R112)
Japanese Art Site
Important pair of very large Late Edo Period (19th Century) Japanese Carved Lacquered Panels. This work of art is of the highest museum quality. Works like these are usefully found in only in major museums and prominent private art collections. We are proud to offer this spectacular masterpiece. They feature four mythological and historical figures in relief, lacquered in the most amazing techniques. Framed with beautiful red lacquer that is part of the panel...
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #356003 (stock #MOR1331)
The Kura
Sold, Thank you
Smooth black lacquer covers the mirror like surface of this wooden boat inlayed with mother of pearl down the sides, hiding under the low roof a brass tray for flower arranging. The prow is flecked with gold and the roof decorated with karakusa maki-e designs in black on the flecked surface. The tiller is removable for cleaning. It is 28-1/2 inches (72 cm) long, the ship dating to the opening of the 20th century...
Japanese : Lacquer : Decorations : Pre 1980 item #87495
Asian Art By Kyoko
Inquire for Price
Japanese Boy's Day display set with a helmet (Kabuto) and a screen. The lacquer screen is very shiny like a mirror. See Photo #10.

The dimensions of screen is 21 1/4"H x 50 3/4"W (extended). Screen box: 23" x 25 3/4" x 1/2"H Helmet Box: 15" x 13 1/4" x 10"H

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