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Japanese : Enamel : Plique-a-Jour : Pre 1960 item #1449691 (stock #gy6383)
1960's Japanese Plique a Jour Cloisonne Vase with Flower Mint Green Ground

It is 4.7 inches (12 cm) tall by 4.7 inches (12 cm) wide. It weighs 482 gram.

It has surface wears and tarnished metals (as seen in the photos).

Our Guarantee: We stand behind all of the items that we sell. That is to say, if you purchase an item from us and are unhappy with it for any reason, return it for a 100% refund of the amount you originally paid...

Japanese : Enamel : Plique-a-Jour : Pre 1910 item #1408786 (stock #Kumeno1-9)
Golden Age Antiques
This is a beautiful old style Plique A Jour vase signed fr Kumeno. Rims are silver. It stands 3 1/2 inches tall and is more attractive than the images show. There is a hard to notice line shown in the last image.
Japanese : Enamel : Plique-a-Jour : Pre 1900 item #1403546
Zentner Collection
Price on Request
Antique Japanese rare plique-a-jour cloisonne vase. This is a very early plique and in perfect condition. Intricate enamel design of a blossoming tree and a blue bird flying through a light blue sky with little clouds. The design is made with fine silver wire and enamel. Plique-a-jour is made when the inside metal armature has been etched away until the enamel is held in place by the wires only. The effect is a beautiful jewel-like translucency...
Japanese : Enamel : Plique-a-Jour : Pre 1920 item #1350128 (stock #1222916)
The Incurable Collector
Sold thank you.
Featuring an unusual Meiji cloisonne enamel plique a jour(like a stained glass window) vase with several colorful, shaded mums, in lovely fall colors of golden yellow, peachy rust, and leaves in several shades of green, some touched with brown, all on a lighter jade green background. The profuse flowers and leaves cover the entire vase. Copper mounts. Approximately 3.5" tall x 3" wide. Dates to the early 20th century...
Japanese : Enamel : Plique-a-Jour : Pre 1910 item #1278208 (stock #Plique1-12)
Golden Age Antiques
This is a very fine early Japanese plique-a-jour bowl. The bowl measures 4 3/8 inches across and stands 2 1/4 inches tall. The bowl has two short lines in the yellow/red mums on the side that are hard to see. Look for them in the images. They can not be felt with a fingernail and are probably not all the way through. It is mounted with silver rims.
Japanese : Enamel : Plique-a-Jour : Pre 1950 item #1240165 (stock #Jpl1-7)
Golden Age Antiques
This is a very colorful Japanese Plique-a-Jour cloisonne vase. The colors used are a little different than most and contrast beautifully.(See images) Condition is very good. But when held up to bright light a line can be seen. It does not show in normal lighting. The vase is even a little different size. It stands 3 5/8 inches tall.
Japanese : Enamel : Plique-a-Jour : Pre 1910 item #1211706
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese plique-a-jour round box. It is decorated with grapes and leaves on a maroon background. It measures 3" diameter, 2.5" tall. Taisho Period (early 20th century).
Japanese : Enamel : Plique-a-Jour : Pre 1910 item #1211701
Zentner Collection
Japanese plique-a-jour bowl with roses and plum blossoms. The bowl has a silver rim and small feet. Red roses with blue and maroon plum blossoms on a green ground. It measures 3.25" diameter, 2" tall. Meiji Period 1868-1912.
Japanese : Enamel : Plique-a-Jour : Pre 1950 item #1099371
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Japanese plique-a-jour cloisonne enamel vase densely decorated with a bouquet of flowers set against a celadon green background. Chrome rims. Dates from the Occupation period (1945-1960). Measures about 3 3/4"H x 3" diameter. Very good overall condition. There is a faint interior stress crack at the shoulder that cannot be felt (see enlargements 6 and 7). The neck is very slightly tilted.
Japanese : Enamel : Plique-a-Jour : Pre 1920 item #898147
Zentner Collection
Beautiful Japanese plique a jour cloisonne vase with an all over design of blossoming plum branches, lovely turquoise ground, no cracks, Meiji/Taisho Period (early 20th century). Size: 5 1/4" high.
Japanese : Enamel : Plique-a-Jour : Pre 1940 item #273283
Zentner Collection
Lovely small plique-a-jour bowl on three small feet, design of flowers, good condition, size is 3 5/8" wide diameter by 2" tall, Showa Period (circa 1930's), Japan.
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