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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1950 item #1457770 (stock #JHwakRouBox)
June Hastings
An unusual small cylindrical Wakasa lacquer box. Dating Late Taisho, Early Showa Period, it measures 3.5" diameter, 1.25" high. Has some micro abrasions from surface wear on the bottom.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1900 item #1456174 (stock #206)
Conservatoire Sakura
This tray is quite unusual. It is a daring sculpture that has miraculously survived the time, indeed the delicacy of the sculpture of the stems and the petals is a real challenge and a laborious task. The wood is fully lacquered. The leaves and stems are lacquered in green sprinkled with discreet gold powder which gives subtle golden reflections...
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1900 item #1443935
Qing Dynasty laquered box, circa 1850.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1930 item #1404245
Zentner Collection
A delicate antique Chinese Tea Box with exquisitely decorated gilt relief. It has a pewter box lining with a glass knob. The lacquer shows images of a pavillion setting with trees and a border of flowers. The pewter box has a primitive etching of scholars with rocks and grasses. The interior top is lacquer with two gold fronds.

Date: 18th Century

Dimensions: 11"X 6" X 7.5"
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1900 item #1403067
Zentner Collection
Price on Request
Antique Chinese square faceted box made of black lacquered wood with inset rattan panels. The top of the box is decorated with a rural scene of court figures in a garden painted in gold lacquer on a black lacquer ground. The box stands on small feet and cut-out details on the bottom portion of the box are lacquered red. A beautiful overall crackle of the lacquer speaks of the box's age.

18th century

Dimensions: 9 1/2" high x 14" wide x 14" deep.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1900 item #1401094
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
Every dish with a different decoration. Diameter 13 cm. All in good condition with normal age wear. From Shanxi province. All dishes with cyclical date 1843.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1837 VR item #1401092
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
Lacquer and wickerwork, the inside of the lid serves as a presentation bowl for sweets. Decorated with Buddhist symbols. H. 16 cm, diameter 15 cm. Cyclical date 1857. Good condition with normal age wear.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1837 VR item #1401090
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
Xian province, rare dated baket in lacquer a d wickerwork. Finely decorated with Buddhist symbols. H. 13 cm, diameter 12 cm. Bares the cyclical date 1828. Minor chips and age wear.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre AD 1000 item #1389145 (stock #LACQ(H)-001)
JJ Oriental
Very rare lacquered original Han ear cup with a surface decorated in red and black lacquer in scrolling patterns and abstract motifs painted on the ears. Size: L. 20cm. W. 15.5cm. H. 6cm. Condition: No repairs. the outside bottom of the cup is missing. See last photos. It is interesting to see that the cup is hollow inside and not one solid piece.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1910 item #1363742 (stock #1267)
Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts
Large Chinese hanging global shpe 宫灯 Palace lantern with painted leather with a male figures in robes in the palace setting , landscape scene, mountain and forest decoration,with an elaborately carved wood lacquer top and bottom, wired with plug Size: 25" high x 18 wide. sone repair.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1900 item #1357934 (stock #4420)
Hawkes, Asian Art
A pair of Chinese ritual altar vessels for the Sun Altar, Qing dynasty.

The ritual vessels, bian, are made from fine strips of woven bamboo, the inner surfaces completely covered in lacquer. The earliest illustration of this form is from a Song period reproduction of a Han dynasty publication...

Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre AD 1000 item #1356976 (stock #WD-009)
JJ Oriental
A unusual rare black wooden lacquered plate with a three fish design and a little frog. Very unusual to find wooden plates from that period. Age: Ten Kingdoms, 907 - 979 AD Size: Radius: 17cm. Condition: Some dirt incrustation from long burial and small old chips around the rim and one little piece glued on the rim. Overall not bad for the age. See photos.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1900 item #1353743 (stock #LACQ-024)
JJ Oriental
A nice black lacquered table chest with a floral painting on the front panel and top panel.All original hardware. Age: Mid 19th century. Size: L. 37.5cm, W. 22cm, H. 18cm. Condition: No repairs. Normal ageing.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1920 item #1327996
Zentner Collection
Chinese original wrapped leather trunk. Brass hardware side handles on both sides and front lock. Charming calligraphy on interior of lid. Great original condition with no issues. Late 19th century. Size: 19" H x 30.25" L x 22" D
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1980 item #1277329
Zentner Collection
Vintage Chinese red lacquered trunk with gilt lacquer designs of lotuses, reeds, and cranes. It has two metal handles on its sides, a front lock, and comes with a sheet of glass to lay over the top of the chest so objects can be placed over it without damaging the lacquer. Size: 12" height, 23.75" width, 13.75" depth
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1920 item #1268759
Zentner Collection
Chinese lacquer export chair. Sturdy construction and black lacquer. The Chinese chair is patterned after an archaic style with flanges and apron spandrels. It's decorated with red undertone and gilt lacquer in a scrolling lotus motif. The main back splat forms an archaic Hu vase painted with fine details of a classical landscape. The seat is beautifully worn as are the chair rails and arm rests. The underside of the chair has a cross frame for structural support...
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1900 item #1253455
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
Coverd with black lacquer and gilding. The doors with intricately carved panels depicting dragons and phoenixes. The inside of the doors painted with flower vases. Wonderful untouched condition, even the small table is still present. Dimensions: 44x35x15 cm. South Chinese, 19th century.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1900 item #1122887 (stock #2A152)
Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc.
Chinese Lacquer Papier Mache Dish, 3/4" diameter, made during 18th to 19th century. Large Chinese Character in gold in the center on a very rich dark red lacquer background. There are some red lacquer loses around the rim.
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