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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Chinese : Furniture : Accessories : Pre 1980 item #1401146 (stock #5075)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Lovely Afghan Baluch “Five Mirahb” design from Tchichaktu. This was made circa 1970/1980. Aside from some missing fringe this carpet is in excellent condtion. L: 150cm/56in W: 90cm/35.5in.
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1910 item #1401144
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese tansu with 7 exterior drawers of various sizes. The lower right hand side has a safe box door with 2 small interior drawers. Made all of kiri (paulownia) wood. Hardware includes warabite shaped drawer pulls, heavy lock plates and hinges.

Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 23 1/2" high x 28 1/2" wide x 14 1/4" deep.
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1900 item #1401140
Zentner Collection
Price on Request
Rare Antique Japanese karuma or wheeled tansu chest of drawers, constructed with solid quartered sawn Keyaki (zelkova) hardwood in original red lacquer finish, with decorative heavy iron plates and mounts. The upper section of the piece appears to hold two long drawers behind a locking bar, but is really four drawers. The lower section has two long drawers behind another locking bar, each bar with decorative plating. The safe box door opens to four small interior drawers with bold Keyaki grain, ...
Korean : Lacquer : Pre 1800 item #1401134 (stock #1713)
Harubang Antiques
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A Very Rare Korean Wood Carved/Painted Standing Dongja-18th C.: Korea, Joseon dynasty(1392-1897), 18th century. A small wood elaborate carved Dongja (Buddhist boy attendant) shown standing with his hands held together as if to clasp a ritual object, the robes painted in red, black, green and the face and hands with traces of white pigment, set on an inverted lotus pedestal. It’s in good condition with aged and patina pigments but a vertical hairline crack on the right side back, it...
Korean : Sculpture : Pre 1900 item #1401133 (stock #1715)
Harubang Antiques
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A Pair of Fine/Rare Korean Mineral Pigments Painted Roosters-19th C.: Korea, Joseon dynasty, 19th century. An usual large and a rare pair of solid wood carved roosters are in very details, and painted in bright color of natural mineral pigments with red, blue, yellow, green and white overall on the surfaces, supported by an original wood stands. It’s in good condition with a bright colors but one’s around neck reattached and the other one has a wing and upper tail reattached with o...
Japanese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1900 item #1401121
Mastromauro Japanese art
A fine Japanese Satsuma plate finely decorated in pure gold and enamels depicting everyday life scenes with figures along the bank of a river collecting shells, with children playing. Note, against the light, the thin gilt wire, technique used only by great decorators like Kinkozan or Meizan. Kushida-Shozan signature under the base. Meiji late 19th century Sizes: 21,5 cm Condition report: Good condition
Japanese : Ceramics : Pre 1900 item #1401120
Mastromauro Japanese art
A Japanese Satsuma vase of a refined shape depicting a red maple tree. Japanese maples had been considered a symbol of grace by many Asian cultures. Associated with the peace and serenity of the elements of the world, Japanese maples represent balance and they are called “kito”, in Japanese, it means “calm”, “rest” or “in peace”. Yabu Meizan signature in pure gold under the base. Meiji period late 19th century Sizes: 14 cm. Condition report: Good condition
Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Pre 1980 item #1401112
The Tretiak Collection
Maki Emanation-73 xx
Chinese : Carvings : Wood : Pre 1910 item #1401110
The Tretiak Collection
Liu Hai playing Jin Chan Chenxiangmu late 19th Century
Chinese : Peking Glass : Pre 1900 item #1401109
The Tretiak Collection
China Glass Pumpkin Desk Object natural looking 19'th Century
Chinese : Furniture : Accessories : Pre 1920 item #1401105 (stock #5074)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Baotou rug with classic scholar’s motif. This is circa early 20th century, there has been extensive old reweaving done on this as can be noted a beige toned areas on the field having said this there are no holes and the pile is still quite good. W: 58cm/27.8in and L: 122cm/48in.
Japanese : Ceramics : Stoneware : Pre 1700 item #1401101 (stock #TCR6938)
The Kura
sold, with thanks!
A perfect example of the Early Edo Tea aesthetic in this Chatsubo dating from the first half of the Edo period, a splash of black over rust with a white glazed waste from the Seto region around modern day Nagoya. It comes with an ancient wooden bung and wrapping cloth. The pot is roughly 27 cm (11 inches) tall and in overall excellent condition, with typical wear around the foot. No cracks or repairs. Called Koshijiro (White wasted) this style became popular in the end of the 16th century, an...
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1900 item #1401094
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
Every dish with a different decoration. Diameter 13 cm. All in good condition with normal age wear. From Shanxi province. All dishes with cyclical date 1843.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1837 VR item #1401092
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
Lacquer and wickerwork, the inside of the lid serves as a presentation bowl for sweets. Decorated with Buddhist symbols. H. 16 cm, diameter 15 cm. Cyclical date 1857. Good condition with normal age wear.
Chinese : Lacquer : Painted : Pre 1837 VR item #1401090
Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art
Xian province, rare dated baket in lacquer a d wickerwork. Finely decorated with Buddhist symbols. H. 13 cm, diameter 12 cm. Bares the cyclical date 1828. Minor chips and age wear.
Korean : Furniture : Pre 1920 item #1401082
Zentner Collection
Antique Korean bandaji, or blanket chest made with hardwood with original finish, iron plates and mounts on the front of the piece with floral cut-out motifs. The front has a drop-down lid with two iron pulls on decorative plates.

Dates c1900

Dimensions: 41" L x 16 1/2" D x 32" H
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Textiles : Pre 1920 item #1401078 (stock #1482)
Dragon's Pearl
A Tibetan single seat meditation mat (Kang ma type) of hand woven wool with the central field decorated with floral pattern in different colour on a deep red background; a meander frame in white on blue indigo is separating the central square from the outer border of floral design on rust colour. The rug is finished with thick red cotton frame and blue cotton backing. Tibet, early 20th cent. Measurements: L. 76,5 x W 67 cm; L. 30 x w 26,3 inches. Condition: very good considering the age and use...
Chinese : Snuff Bottles : Pre 1920 item #1401074
Zentner Collection
Chinese Peking Glass snuff bottle with the image of the Eight Immortals in various poses displaying their different attributes. He Xiangu holding her lotus flower, Cao Guojiu with his jade tablet, Li Tieguai with his iron crutch and medicine gourd, Lan Caihe with his basket of fruits, Lu Dongbin the scholar with a sword on his back that dispels evil spirits, Zhang Guolao with his long beard and fish drum, Han Xiangzi seen flying on the back of a crane and playing his flute, and Zhongli Quan wi...
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