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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Chinese : Trade Arts : Export Porcelain : Pre 1492 item #1401455 (stock ##1973)
Abacus Asian Art
A Ming dynasty 15th century Interregnum period blue and white dish, decorated with a fish in the center among water weeds. Underside with continuously lotus scrolls. Minor hairlines and the long one is in the base but isn't transparent to interior surface. Diameter: 17 cm.
Japanese : Ceramics : Contemporary item #1401454 (stock #1483)
Dragon's Pearl
A squat vase of conical form in modern style decorated with an fine, spotted, olive glaze over a delicate hare fur glaze in tenmoku-style by well-established, ceramic maker Koji ARATA (b. 1938). He is working in Kasama, a popular pottery area, not far from the other well known pottery area of Mashiko. The piece is stamped with the artist’s seal in the bottom. Fitted and inscribed box with "Tenmoku vase" name and seal. Heisei, ca. 2000. H 18.5 cm, D 13 cm. Condition: Perfect.
Japanese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1401449 (stock #069)
Three Empires
A japanese porcelain foliate dish painted in underglaze blue, red enamels and gilt with mon amongst the Three Friends. It has a Koransha mark to the base.

Dating from the Meiji period, it measures 14.7 cms (max) across and weighs 198 gms.

There is some very minor scratching and gilt wear. It is in very good condition.

Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1940 item #1401448 (stock #MOR6943)
The Kura
sold, with thanks!
A golden camellia shines iridescent on the egg-shell thin wood grain of this lacquered bowl designed by important early 20th century artist Nakamura Daisaburo, the work executed by Yoshida Kinnen enclosed in the original wooden box titled Tsubaki Maki-e Kashibachi and signed within Heian Yokodo. The craftsmanship is phenomenal! It is 8-1/2 inches (21.5 cm) diameter and in excellent condition.
Nakamura Daizaburô (Daisaburo, 1898-1947) was born into a family in the cloth dying industry o...
Japanese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Contemporary item #1401443 (stock #1321)
Modern Japanese Ceramics
Sold, with thanks!
A large circular platter featuring a built in “wing” by important contemporary artist Fukami Sueharu enclosed in the original signed wooden box. It is 42 cm (16-1/2 inches) diameter and in excellent condition.
Fukami Sueharu is synonymous with seihakuji celadon. Born in Kyoto in 1947, he graduated the Kyoto Ceramics Research School in 1965. It was in 1981 that he was first recognized followed by grand prize at the Chunichi International Ceramics Exhibition the following year. In ...
Japanese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1401435 (stock #P-260)
Palmrose Asian Antiques
A large pitcher with four matching cups made by the Sumida Gawa Company of Japan, all which are decorated with large applied elephants. There is an oval blue and white porcelain plaque on one side of the pitcher with the pottery mark of Inoue Ryosai. There are two man size and two lady size matching cups each stamped Inoue Ryosai. The pitcher measures 10 1/2" tall x 4 1/4" in diameter, and the cups measure about 3 3/4" x 2 7/8" and 4 1/2' x 2 7/8". The pitcher and cups are in excellent/perfec...
Japanese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1401432 (stock #P-259)
Palmrose Asian Antiques
A large tall pitcher made by the Sumida Gawa Company of Japan with applied monkeys that are playing with a water bag. There is a porcelain blue and white pot shaped plaque with the pottery mark of Isoue Ryosai. The piece measures 12 1/2" high x 4 3/4" in diameter and dates to the turn of the Century. The pitcher is in excellent/perfect condition. The asking price includes shipping within the USA.
Chinese : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1492 item #1401422 (stock #1-1151)
AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques
Buddhist statue of a guardian deity ("dvarapala"), standing on clouds, in martial posture. Bronze, with fine dark green and reddish patina. China, Tang Dynasty. Height: 5.7 cm. The statue is nicely mounted on a custom stand. Left arm missing, some abrasion, otherwise very good condition
Chinese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1900 item #1401421 (stock #068)
Three Empires
A chinese porcelain chocolate pot painted in rouge de fer enamels. It has a Meissen style pistol grip handle to the side and a peach finial.

Dating from c.1800, it stands 20 cms high and weighs 1.006 Kg.

There are frits to the tip of the spout, very faint hairlines to the underside of the handle and a chip to the rim of the lid.

Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Ritual Objects : Pre 1900 item #1401420 (stock #1-1150)
AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques
Fine Tibetan "damaru" (ritual drum), made of silver and leather. The silver part is in the form of two "kapala shaped" parts, separated by a central silver belt, decorated with several turquoise and coral inserts, to which the handle is attached. This silver part is lavishly decorated with an embossed relief design representing foliage and Buddhist symbols. The leather part is painted in green. Two cotton cords, ending in two small balls are also attached to the drum to strike it. The damaru da...
Chinese : Antiquities : Early Ceramics : Pre AD 1000 item #1401415 (stock #BZ09K013)
GuYi Asian Art and Antiques
A nice Chinese Warring States(475~221 B.C.) Yue ware celadon jar with lid. Ht. 14 cm including cover, Lt.15 cm. Condition: easy restored top and rim of the lid and tiny part of month rim, please see the color different, otherwise in good condition as shown. Shipping from Taipei, Taiwan via EMS at actual cost. Item selling at various platform, please ask before ordering.
Chinese : Furniture : Accessories : Pre 1920 item #1401413 (stock #5079)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Afghan Baluch: Stunning (at least I think so) very old rug from Afghanistan Baluch weavers, all natural vibrant dyes. No a lot of knots but very supple and clean. Most of the flat weave head end is missing on one head end and about 15cm missing on the other. There are a couple of small holes and quite a few small but old repairs. Lovely piece ready to on your floor. Please view enlargements to see the true colors and condition of pile. L: 220cm/86in and W: 129cm/50in
Japanese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1401411 (stock #P-258)
Palmrose Asian Antiques
A large pitcher made by the Sumida Gawa Company of Japan with large applied figures of two children playing. There is a porcelain square on one side with the pottery mark of Inoue Ryosai. The piece measures 12 1/2" high x 5 1/2" in diameter and dates to the turn of the Century. The Pitcher is in excellent/perfect condition. The asking price includes shipping within the USA.
Korean : Paintings : Pre 1970 item #1401410 (stock #1407)
Korean Art and Antiques
Korean Village Life, a Beautiful Oil Painting by Won Hyeok Pak, 1966, original frame. It comes with a 1966 letter to one of his patrons, where he explains his artistic ideas. He includes a photo of this painting with the letter, and a photo of a portrait he created of the patron, and photos of some of his other paintings. A rare and gorgeous piece of mid-20th Century Korean art and history. It captures a way of life and type of dress at a time that it was at its very end. Frame: 20 x 16 inches, ...
Chinese : Ceramics : Pottery : Pre 1920 item #1401389 (stock #P-257)
Palmrose Asian Antiques
The He-Ho twins are the gods of unity and harmony. This figurine shows them releasing bats from a box which symbolizes the dawn of the five blessings. The figures are hand formed in clay and glazed in the Sanci colors of green, yellow and black. Exact maker and artist unknown, but thought to be early Shiwan ware, made during the 19th Century. The figurine measure 9 1/2" high x 8" wide x 5" deep, and is in excellent condition. The asking price includes shipping within the USA.
Japanese : Sculpture : Other : Pre 1940 item #1401379 (stock #10976)
Welcome To Another Century
Small molded sculpture of the mountain deities of Dewa Sanzan, the three sacred mountains in Dewa Province, each holding a rice stalk. They are Hagoro-san okami (right), Gas-san okami (middle) and Yudono-san okami (left). They represent birth, death and rebirth respectively. The shrines are located on three mountain tops in Yamagata Prefecture (former Dewa Province), near the city of Tsuruoka. These mountain peaks are important both in Shintoism and in Shugendo Buddhism. Unusual subject matter. ...
Korean : Paintings : Contemporary item #1401378 (stock #1404)
Korean Art and Antiques
Contemporary Mountain and River Painting by Kim Won Gyeong. Watercolors on hanji paper. For centuries in Korea, a rendering of a mountain and river (called Sansu in Korean) has always been more than a beautiful landscape; it is also a profound philosophical and spiritual statement. Heaven and Earth are represented by the mountain and river, respectively. This is a modern take on an ancient theme, rendered on a traditional medium. Beautifully mounted in a plexiglass box frame. Frame: 25 x 21.25 i...
Korean : Paintings : Pre 1980 item #1401371 (stock #1403)
Korean Art and Antiques
Painting and Poem, Mountain Village on the River, by the Renowned Korean Buddhist Monk Artist Su An Sunim, beautifully captured in the brushstrokes of his contemplative Zen Buddhist style. The pair of cranes is an ancient symbol of eternal love, because it was believed that the long-living crane mated for life. The crane has further special meaning in Buddhism. The bodhisattvas change themselves into cranes so they can fly around the world helping those in need. In this painting, the cranes are ...
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