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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Korean : Ceramics : Celadon : Pre 1900 item #1378663
The Zentner Collection
Korean antique ceramic bowl, eggshell thin body with tall sides, slightly tapered to the short foot. With celadon green enamel glaze. The exterior sides are incised with stylized floral motifs while the interior is incised with a ring just below the rim and wave patterns.

Goryeo (고려; 高麗 918–1392), also spelled as Koryŏ, was a Korean kingdom established in 918 by King Taejo. This kingdom later gave name to the modern exonym "Korea"...
Korean : Folk Art : Pre 1900 item #1378850 (stock #1575)
Harubang Antiques
A Very Rare/Fine Old Korean Bronze Horse Warrant (동마패-銅馬牌): Choson period, Dated 1731 (Yong Zheng 8 year) It's s rich and dark brown patina with pale green encrustation. Yong Zheng 8 (1731) in Yong Zheng perioe (1723-1735), and issued by the “Sangsowon-尚瑞院” with "Sansowon-尚瑞院製" 款-seal in a square, a heavy and solid bronze. It’s in very fine condition with a natural and rich greenish dark patina, it measures 10.8 cm x 9.4 cm...
Korean : Metalwork : Pre 1700 item #1378852 (stock #1654)
Harubang Antiques
A Beautiful Korean Koryo Bronze Pear-Form Bottle/Natural Green Patina-13th/14th C.: Korea, Koryo dynasty, 13th to 14th century. The bottle with beautiful natural green patina over the body in welling body cast in the mid-section and shoulder with rings, further repeated on the tall trumphet shaped neck with lipped mouth, all supported on a high thin foot ring...
Korean : Ceramics : Pre 1800 item #1378855
Meiji Bijutsu
A very attractive Korean Joseon period (1392-1897) jar (tsubo, in Japanese), probably dating from the 17th century.

Though sitting with poise, its asymmetric shape, echoed at the foot, gives it an intriguing character.

The wooden stand, which will be shipped with the jar, has been fitted to support that uncommonly uneven foot is an interesting piece in itself.

The jar is in very good condition and comes in a later made fitted wooden box.
Size: 23 x 19 cm (9.2 x 7.6 in)


Korean : Paintings : Pre 1900 item #1378905
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Korean Joseon dynasty ink and color on fine gauze shamanic fan leaf painting incorporating a central seated Buddhist figure (Jeseok Buchae) together with indigenous Korean and foreign deities. Mounted on pale apricot silk brocade. Framed and glazed. 19th century. Fan: 14 1/2” x 28” (frame: 17 3/8” x 36 3/8"). Good overall condition with very good color. Minor soiling. Wear to the gauze consistent with its age and use. From the Phoenix, Arizona collection of a woman in her 90s.
Korean : Folk Art : Pre 1980 item #1379347 (stock #4A99B)
Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc.
Two(2) graduated size Bamboo Tobacco Pipes, 30 1/2" long, 7/8" diameter for brass bowl(longer one), and 28 1/2" long, 5/8" diameter for brass bowl(shorter pipe), with design was done using hot metal tool to make surface burned a little on the entire bamboo surface. The condition is good.
Korean : Metalwork : Pre 1900 item #1379679
The Zentner Collection
Antique Korean white brass jewelry box, its lid with inlaid motif of an auspicious character meaning wealth or prosperity. Interior lined with wood. The rectangular box stands on four stylized feet.

Choson Period 19th century Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 4" x 3 1/4" H
Korean : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1379964
The Zentner Collection
A large Korean bedside chest or Morijang. The top of the chest holds a row of 3 drawers with hinged double doors below, and a row of four drawers along the very bottom of the piece. Motifs of butterflies and auspicious symbols are seen throughout the hardware plating. The interior holds a single curved shelf with decorating metal plating and a locking mechanism to hold its front doors securely shut.

Dimensions: 54.75''w x 18.25''d x 42.25''h
Korean : Folk Art : Pre 1900 item #1380013 (stock #09304)
t a t a m i


Well-used inkstone with such three tracks by grinding ink-cake. Joseon Dynasty, 19th century, Korea. approx. 16 x 10.8cm (6.29 x 4.25in)

selected by Sezuan antiques & art

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Korean : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1380071
The Zentner Collection
Korean two-level hardwood kitchen cabinet, made with bold grain elm wood panels. The piece holds two small drawers along its topmost sections and an upper and lower compartment behind its two pairs of front swinging doors. Fitted with hand-forged iron hardware and plates.

Choson Period

Dimensions: 45 1/2" x 20 1/4" x 56 3/4" H
Korean : Ceramics : Pre AD 1000 item #1380203 (stock #1659)
Harubang Antiques
Please contact us for pricing
An Extre. Rare/Fine Korean Earthen Ware Pot/a Coiled Coma Shape Handle-2th/3th C.: Korea, Kaya period, 2th to 3th century. This Earthenware Vessel (Bowl or Pot) is a very rare and a beautiful done in shape and natural colored glaze on the surfaces, and with a coiled coma shape handle. the earthen body is in tan, gray, black and rust Orange naturally which makes a great contrast colors around the surfaces. It’s in very good condition without any noticeable damages at all...
Korean : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1380671
The Zentner Collection
Korean vanity box made with persimmon wood panels. The box lid opens with brass hinges and brass front plating, incised with floral motifs. The interior of the box holds 4 compartments. Its sides conceal two small hidden drawers, opened by brass pulls, and the base of the piece has an interior low shelf.

Chosun Dynasty, early 20th century

Dimensions: 11” x 7 3/4” x 9” H
Korean : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1380861
The Zentner Collection
Price on Request
Very Rare and unusual highly inlaid Korean two section chest. Decorated with nine serpentine dragons of mother of pearl and faux tortoiseshell in horn. The front Nong has a brass escutcheon in the form of a butterfly with cut out detialing in its wings. It has complete circle knob brass locks and key. The confronting 4 clawed dragons are tessellated in mother of pearl, twisted brass wires, and faux tortoiseshell in horn...
Korean : Ceramics : Blue and White : Pre 1900 item #1380864 (stock #1664)
Harubang Antiques
Please contact us for pricing
A Very Rare/Fine Pair of Korean Blue/White Painted Wine Cups-19th C.: Korea, Joseon dynasty, 19th century. The deep cup slopping to a rimmed foot decorate in painted cobalt blue with bamboo, rock, orchid and the another one is painted with peony and bats between two blue bands beneath a fine and rich white glaze, a character written in blue on the interior wells. They’re very fine condition without any cracks or repairs, Measurements: A): 5.3 cm h. x 5.8 cm d. B): 4.9 cm h...
Korean : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1381094
The Zentner Collection
A Korean hardwood bedside chest made with elm hardwood front doors, decorated by brass plate hinges, a central flower blossom medallion, and brass bat shaped handles. The interior of the chest holds six drawers with brass pulls and dramatic elm wood front panels.

Dates from 1950. Dimensions: 25 1/2" x 15 1/2" x 26" H
Korean : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1381106 (stock #MOR5317)
The Kura
A spectacular wooden stand encrusted with soot and age containing a set of seto-yaki oil lamps dating from the mid Edo period. From the extension hangs a hinged natural burl at a jaunty angle. The chisel marks still clear in the wood. It may have been used to hold a candle or lamp as pictured, or may also have held an oil dripper, which would have steadily dripped oil into the lamp, constantly replenishing it. The 8 sided base is 10 inches (25 cm) across...
Korean : Textiles : Pre 1960 item #1381839 (stock #FA-1847)
Bear and Raven Antiques
A real tour de force of Korean embroidery art, performed by a master. The workmanship is tight, intricate, so very minute and fine, and the piece is massive.

A large rectangle of silk has been embroidered with in satin stitch using silk threads. The design is of a wild autumn meadow with flowers and grasses. In the foreground is the embroidery of a ring neck pheasant in all of its glory with the female pheasant by his side...
Korean : Ceramics : Pre 1900 item #1381865 (stock #P-251)
Palmrose Asian Antiques
A 19th Century Korean kitchen jar for the storage of honey or syrup. The jar has a thick brown temmoku glaze, that thins at the edges of the cut facets, showing the lighter stoneware body of the jar. The Jar is heavily potted and measures about 4 1/2" high x 5" in diameter. The condition is very good with small chips on the inner rim and firing cracks at the bottom. There is no lid. The asking price includes shipping within the USA.
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