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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Japanese : Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1092941 (stock #44)
Meiji Bijutsu
Miniature wooden shrine with hinged doors, enclosing a sculpture of the buddhist deity Bishamonten, guardian of the north, protector of the Buddhist teaching and of the nation.
Standing on a pedestal, he is represented dressed in armor, holding a baton in his right hand and a treasure pagoda (stupa) in his left hand. The inner faces, the details of the sculpture and the pedestal are finely highlighted in gold, black and red lacquers...
Japanese : Textiles : Pre 1910 item #1092927
Japanese Antique & Textile saiyuu2
This is Japanese tengu and okame cotton hanten textile. It is a very unique, charming design. There is a thin stain. The patchwork of the collar has come off slightly. The state is very good. size:72cm x 96cm (28.3" x 38.2")
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1900 item #1092884
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese 2-section curio cabinet, ornately carved with phoenixes and flowers, 6 shelves of various sizes, one compartment with door decorated with carved and inlaid scene of small bird in tall grasses hunting insect with unusual blue lacquer ground. Below are two drawers also with carved and inlaid flowers on blue ground. Meiji Period (1868-1912). Size: 62" high x 35" wide x 16 1/2" deep.
Japanese : Sculpture : Other : Pre 1800 item #1092881 (stock #421)
Antique Stones Japan
Standing Jizo Bosatsu figurally sculpted from a gray-hued sedimentary stone, the hands forming the gassho adoration mudra. Clearly dated on the back to the 10th year of the Horeki Era (1760), mid-Edo Period. Minor old loss. Light lichen accumulation.

Height: 34 cm
Width: 16 cm
Depth: 12 cm

A notably charming Jizo stone, determined to brighten your day.

Japanese : Enamel : Cloisonne : Pre 1910 item #1092825 (stock #tiger923)
Inquire for Price
Japanese Silver Mounts & Wires Cloisonne Box with Flower and Butterfly, Meiji (1868-1912)

It is 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) tall by 5.7 inches (14.5 cm) long and 4 inches (10.1 cm) wide. It is 1.9 Lb.

It is in good condition with very small chips and loss of enamel at the corners and a very small old manufacture repair at the side (as seen in the photos).

A similar box was sold at the Christie's Avo Kirikorian collection on February 19, 2007, lot 122 for CHF 20,400 ($16,571 USD)...

Japanese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1900 item #1092690
AAantiques Japanese Arts
Japanese Meiji Period (1868-1912) Hirado style Studio unusually cone-shaped Vase with a wonderful white enameling. It is in excellent original condition with no losses or damages; there are a few bake imperfections. 9" tall x 6 1/4" D
Japanese : Ceramics : Earthenware : Pre 1900 item #1092689
AAantiques Japanese Arts
Japanese 19th century very detailed large Satsuma Bowl. It is finely decorated with a scene of flowers over interior and exterior, and various butterflies. The Bowl is signed by an artist. 6 1/2" D x 3 1/2" tall
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1900 item #1092663
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese choba tansu (merchant's chest), keyaki (elm) wood front, sugi (cryptomeria) wood frame, 2 drawers on top, 6 drawers of various sizes on bottom portion, middle portion has sliding panels with horizontal slats of keyaki wood with sugi wood panels, behind sliding panel on right hand side are two shelves and two small interior drawers with keyaki wood fronts and iron hardware, behind the sliding panel on the left side is one interior shelf, extensive iron hardware on front ...
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1900 item #1092656
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese 2 section Soma isho tansu from the Fukushima area, beautiful keyaki (elm) wood on front, sugi (cryptomeria) wood frame, deep red translucent lacquer finish, iron hardware with incised warabite shaped drawer pulls and very large round chrysanthemum shaped lock plates, safe box in lower right hand corner with 2 small interior drawers, safe box has key, Meiji Period (1868-1912). Size: 44" high x 45 1/2" wide x 18" deep
Japanese : Pre 1910 item #1092447
Zentner Collection
Meiji period, 1868-1912, medicine konban made of wood, incised characters painted with gold. #1 Eye Medicine - Seikisui (Japan's first eye medicine developed by Kishida Ginko, Rakuzendo from a formula learned in America by Prof. Hepburn) Tokyo, Ginza, Seal reading The Kishida. #2 Superb Effectiveness Hotan. Three cartouches on back. Two gold and red cartouches on front. It measures 27.5" tall, 9.5" wide, 1.2" deep. Overall excellent condition.
Japanese : Metalwork : Bronze : Pre 1910 item #1092423
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese Bronze candle stick decorated with incised key lock pattern on base, middle and top. Meiji period 1868-1912. They measure 3.5" wide at base, 12" tall.
Japanese : Pre 1900 item #1092388
Zentner Collection
Unusual Edo period safe box, 1800-1850. Original hardware and finish. Kiri leaf design on hardware with mon character, original hand forged hardware. Number 18 on front of box. Box made to be carried there is an inset handle on the back of the box. It measures 20" long by 6.25" wide by 8" tall.
Japanese : Ceramics : Earthenware : Pre 1900 item #1092131
Asian Art By Kyoko
Price on Request
Cranes and pine trees are considered sacred in Japanese culture. They symbolize longevity and the everlasting devotion of a couple. The color of pine tree is evergreen and when the needles finally fall to the ground, each falls as a pair.

This is a peaceful but powerful scene, symbolizing the prosperity over a happy, united family. Each of the cranes was executed beautifully by the artist. The artist, who obviously spent whatever he could offer, signed on both vases...

Japanese : Lacquer : Boxes : Pre 1970 item #1091896
Zentner Collection
Stuishu, multi layer lacquer over wood, box, used to hold letters from the Showa Era, 1925-1989. The lid has a serene landscape with mountains. On the inside it has the artist's signature, Kinshodo, and the date, Showa 40 October 10. It is a presentation piece of congratulations from a company, Kabushiki Kaisha in Sendai. The box is bordered with flowers and a rectangular pattern. It measures 5" tall 10.75" wide 13" long. Overall excellent condition.
Japanese : Textiles : Pre 1900 item #1091560
Japanese Antique & Textile saiyuu2
This is hemp tsutsugaki horse Cover textile at the Meiji era(1868-1912). It is an indigo dye. There are only a doing seeing and damage. However, it is very good. The lower side of the back is katazime. size:65cm x 60cm (25.6" x 23.6")
Japanese : Ceramics : Earthenware : Pre 1900 item #1091485
Zentner Collection
Japanese antique ceramic jar, Yumino ware, very beautiful crackle glaze with pine tree on one side and mountains on the other, great drips, Meiji Period (1868-1912). 10 1/4" high x 12" wide diameter
Japanese : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1837 VR item #1091361
Spoils of Time
A Japanese carved and lacquered wood figure of a Buddhist Guardian. (Originally part of a small scale group comprised of at least a central figure and pair of acolytes.) Up to 12 such guardian figures are possible in a temple grouping. Condition is good and presentable with one small loss of wood to one sleeve and some minor lacquer losses. Missing are a nimbus and possibly an ornament atop the helmet. Height: 9 3/8 inch (23.8cm) including a 3/16 (1.9cm) inch high base to which it is affixed.
Japanese : Lacquer : Furnishings : Pre 1900 item #1091256
Spoils of Time
Sold, Shipped to Italy
A 19th century Japanese kyodai (mirror stand) comprised of the stand on two drawer chest. Decorated with gold hiramaki-e and nashiji lacquer techniques depicting pines, prunus and grasses in rocky landscape. The prunus blossoms rendered in oxidized silver haku-e with gold details. Engraved metal terminals adorn scrolled elements and the base of the holder. Two metal insets with Paulownia Mon also adorn the mirror holder as well as the two drawer pulls...
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