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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Japanese : Tea Articles : Pre 1900 item #1395552
The Tretiak Collection
Chin a jade bangle xx
Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1900 item #1395547 (stock #13067)
Sold. Thank you.
Kappa (cape) made of cotton kasuri on both sides which are hand-spun and natural indigo dyed. It is called "maru-gappa" or "hiki-mawashi" in old days. It was worn on the occasion of travel over kimono. It has washi (Japanese handmade paper) between two cotton cloth which is washed out and soft. The word "kappa" came from Portuguese "capa". The Portuguese first came to Japan in 17th century. The piping is made of handwoven hemp. Generally in good condition but has some holes and wear in cords...
Japanese : Textiles : Kimono : Pre 1940 item #1395546 (stock #13066)
Sold. Thank you.
Cotton Kurume kasuri hanten which is handwoven and indigo dyed. Kurume in Fukuoka Pref. in Kyushu has been one of the main product places of indigo dyed cotton kasuri since late Edo period (early 19th century). Machine sewn. In excellent condition and wearable. The first half of the 20th century. 130cm x 100cm
Japanese : Ceramics : Earthenware : Pre AD 1000 item #1395535
Petrie-Rogers Gallery
Chinese Tang dynasty (618-907) pottery tomb figure depicting a male attendant with short beard and mustache dressed in a belted gown and wearing a red hood. 8 3/4" high. Very good overall condition with cold painted facial features and much original pigment remaining. Typical losses. The flat base is sightly slanted so the figure does not stand upright without a support. From an old Tucson, Arizona collection. Purchased from a California gallery in the 1990s.
Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Pre 1930 item #1395507 (stock #Brangwyn002)
Era Woodblock Prints
Frank Brangwyn and Yoshijiro Urushibara
Ruins of a Roman Bridge over the Loire at Brives-Charensac.
Size: Oban...
Japanese : Ceramics : Earthenware : Contemporary item #1395501
Meiji Bijutsu
A sublime yunomi (tea cup) by one of the most renowned contemporary Japanese potters, Suzuki Goro., made in the Yashichida style of pottery.

Yashichida is a decorative style of Oribe ceramic which was popular during the Momoyama period (1573-1603) and the beginning of the Edo period (1603-1867). It is a style that Suzuki Goro has brought back to life and which lends itself well to his highly creative spirit and free yet purposeful painting strokes...

Japanese : Ceramics : Earthenware : Pre 1900 item #1395500
Meiji Bijutsu
A superb tokkuri (sake flask) from the Agano pottery tradition, dating from the end of the 19th century.

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Size 10 x 19.5 cm (4 x 7.8 in)

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Japanese : Ceramics : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1395498 (stock #1174)
Intandane Ltd t/a 69A
A rare, attractively enamelled, figure of the Bodhisattva and Japanese "Goddess of Mercy", Kannon.. Unusually, she is seated on a large boulder inhabited by a writhing white glazed dragon...
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1940 item #1395494 (stock #F024)
The Kura
sold, thank you
A crow stands stark against a dark landscape, the last vestiges of autumn clinging to frozen branches as the landscape settles with snow. Below water surrenders to gravity as it drops into the unseen depths. Ink and light color on silk in a green silk border patterned with tangled vines and featuring stag antler rollers. It is 19 x 76-1/2 inches (48 x 194 cm) and in overall great condition...
Japanese : Metalwork : Bronze : Pre 1970 item #1395489 (stock #mc148)
Kodo Arts
Superb murashido bronze vase by National Living Treasure Takahashi Keiten 1920-2009. Designated as a National living Treasure in 1996, he has presented works to all the emperors many memebers of the Imperial family. This vase C. 1978 with original paulownia signed box was cast and ornamented with vibrant red over yellow and brown patinas using the murashido technique of dipping in hot oils after firing. Art deco and elegant. 6" high and 10" in diameter. Ask for shipping quote.
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1900 item #1395476
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese scroll painting, with an arrangement representing a bounty of good fortune. Fish top a bushel of rice and are tied with roped straw in an auspicious presentation meant to bring in a bounty of fortune. Adding to it, three of the Lucky Gods make an appearance in miniature, treating the decoration as if it were a boat or their ship of good luck. Sumi ink on silk. Dates from 18th century.

Dimensions: Total size: 44" high x 22 1/4" wide (24 1/2" wide including ends)...
Japanese : Enamel : Cloisonne : Pre 1910 item #1395472 (stock #Shuzo1-9)
Golden Age Antiques
On Hold
This is an extremely rare cloisonne masterpiece. It was created by one of the great Meiji artists, Ogasawara Shuzo. It is also a very large piece for cloisonne, at 14 3/4 inches wide and 7 tall. It probably weighs over 10 lbs. The entire dragon is raised relief. This is an eye catching piece that truly belongs in a Museum. Condition is excellent.
Japanese : Furniture : Tansu : Pre 1900 item #1395469
Zentner Collection
Japanese two section tansu made of Kiri (paulownia) natural finish wood. With hand forged iron hardware incised with motifs of cherry blossoms and fans.

Meiji period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 34 1/2" x 15 3/4" x 40 1/2"
Japanese : Paintings : Scrolls : Pre 1900 item #1395461
Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese scroll painting of a monkey seated near a blossoming peony. Painted with great expression and much attention to the details of the face, hands and feet of the monkey. Every hair is carefully brushed. Painted in light mineral colors and ink on silk. Bone ends. Signed Mori Sosen (1747-1821) with seal.

Edo period (1603-1868)

Dimensions: Total size: 44" high x 18 3/4" wide (20 1/2" wide including ends. Size of art: 12 3/4" high x 14 1/2" wide.
Japanese : Ceramics : Stoneware : Pre 2000 item #1395445 (stock #1467)
Dragon's Pearl
A large Kaki-yu glaze charger by HAMADA Shinsaku, decorated with large forceful strokes in iron red, enclosed in the original, inscribed and signed wooden box and paper with artist’s biography. Diameter: 27,5 cm x H 7 cm and in excellent condition. Hamada Shinsaku was born in Tokyo in 1929, is the second son of Hamada Shoji and the successor to his father’s work and the Mashiko kiln...
Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Pre 1930 item #1395435 (stock #Brangwyn001)
Era Woodblock Prints
Frank Brangwyn and Yoshijiro Urushibara
Venice, Golden Morning
Size: Oban. Approximately 15.25. x 10.25 inches.
Date: 1924
Edition: First and only.
Yoshijiro produced this woodblock print from a watercolor by Brangwyn as part of their famous collaboration.
Signed in pencil by both Brangwyn and Urushibara. Initialed by Brangwyn within image.
Reference: UB27 in Chapman and Horner.
Medium: Japanese woodblock print.
Condition: Excellent.
Japanese : Paintings : Other : Pre 1980 item #1395427 (stock #05130)
t a t a m i


Randomly used by the students at junior high school in Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Showa period, 20th century. Made of cork chips. approx...
Japanese : Netsuke : Ivory : Pre 1900 item #1395418
Helen M Edwards
Height: 3.2 cm (1.3 in)
Width: 3.7 cm (1.5 in)
Depth: 1.5 cm (0.6 in)

Early Japanese netsuke of two peasants involved in grinding grain; natural material; wonderful patina and aged wear; signed; good condition
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