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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Indian Subcontinent : India : Pre 1940 item #704729 (stock #61-23)
Silk Road Gallery
A bracelet of braided silver has three silver emblems that are an identifying symbol of Janism, an ancient belief system practiced primarily in India, where small but influential Jain communities are scattered throughout the country. The symbol on this bracelet often is seen outside Jain houses. The Jains, typically well educated and prosperous, are known for business acumen and for their prominence in India's jewelry trade...
Indian Subcontinent : India : Paintings : Contemporary item #684988 (stock #61-34)
Silk Road Gallery
A miniature painted and signed by Bikaner artist Raju Swami contemplates a man spinning thread. Done in soft blues, greens and browns, the study is in Bikaner style, and is soft and quiet. The man crouches on the ground, stares pensively at the cotton in his hand, and appears to be thinking thoughts thousands of miles removed from his task. The miniature, signed lower right, is in perfect condition. Dimensions overall: height 7" (18 cm), width 5" (12 cm)...
Indian Subcontinent : India : Paintings : Pre 1980 item #680458 (stock #61-41)
Silk Road Gallery
A miniature from Mandawa in the Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan is focused on just one subject--a kneeling musician. The single subject and muted colors demonstrate differences between Indian miniature schools of painting that were heavily influenced by Mughal style and those that were not. Here there are no strong Mughal colors, intricate patterns of scrolling and textiles, flowers, birds and people filling the space...
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Handicrafts : Pre 1980 item #678833 (stock #08-31)
Silk Road Gallery
Made of handbeaten copper, lidded urns in this design continue to be used for household water storage in Kathmandu, Nepal, where many homes do not have running water. Daily trips to community wells are made, usually by women, who carry water home in narrow necked vessels, then pour it into containers like this...
Indian Subcontinent : Pre AD 1000 item #674933 (stock #TREK)
Price on Request
Rare and nicely mounted Terracota votive tablet depicting serene seated Buddha, excellent condition, 6.5 x 4.5 cm
Indian Subcontinent : India : Paintings : Pre 1980 item #673699 (stock #61-38)
Silk Road Gallery
A miniature by Kishangarh painter Yogya Pralash, this work, with the addition of a peacock at the lady's feet, becomes a symbol of grace, joy, beauty and love. The peacock, national bird of India, figures importantly in Indian culture as an emblem to convey those sentiments. The musician's attire echoes the colors of the peacock's plumage and she plays a stringed instrument in a traditional pose found in miniatures from the Indian state of Rajasthan...
Indian Subcontinent : India : Paintings : Pre 1980 item #669616 (stock #61-37)
Silk Road Gallery
A finely detailed miniature from Kishangarh, this painting has the lyrical quality that characterizes much of the work from this area in the state of Rajasthan in India. Two delicate figures sit in the foreground within an elaborate setting of cushions, flowers, arches and windows, all rendered in tiny intricate designs. Both are richly dressed and heavily jeweled. They gaze into each others eyes before drinking a toast, he from a bowl, she from a tiny cup...
Indian Subcontinent : India : Paintings : Pre 1980 item #654371 (stock #61-39)
Silk Road Gallery
The graceful musician in this Rajasthani miniature gazes at birds while she plays a stringed instrument. The painting, from the late 20th century, is in a style that originated in the Kishangarh area of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is done on heavy old parchment and includes two lines of calligraphy in Urdu above the painted area. A signature in the lower left indicates the painter was Yogya Pralash. The miniature is in very good condition...
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Ritual Objects : Pre 1900 item #623708
The Zentner Collection
Beautiful Indian silver repouse bowl decorated with scenes from the life of Shiva in deeply hammered bas relief, 19th century. Weight 201 grams. Size: 11 1/2" wide x 8" high
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Textiles : Pre 1960 item #617051 (stock #1458)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Good Angami Naga men’s blanket (body wrap) from India with unusual brown natural color. It is stitched together in 4 panels. The red and black side bands are woven with a silk warp which is quite rare for one of these pieces. Authentic old Naga tribal textile circa 40 to 60 years old, with a few very small holes. The bottom is finished with silk tassels and green embroidery. L: 170cm/67in and W: 103cm/40.5in.
Indian Subcontinent : India : Sculpture : Pre AD 1000 item #578963
Gandhara Kingdom stucco head of Buddha mounted, 3/4th Century, condition: good, left ear damaged and a few inconsequential nicks, common considering the age of this fine sculpture, size" H. 12cm x W. 8cm x D. 11cm. The idealized style is reminiscent of Greek Hellenistic sculpture which strongly influenced the Buddhist imagery of Central Asia and in particular of Gandharan artists.
Indian Subcontinent : India : Sculpture : Pre AD 1000 item #569168
Fine Stucco head of Buddha mounted on base, Gandhara Kingdom, 3rd/4th Century AD.,size: H.15cm x W. 8cm x D. 8cm.
Indian Subcontinent : India : Paintings : Pre 1900 item #558522 (stock #61-40, 43)
Silk Road Gallery
The splendor and sophistication of the Delhi court 300 years ago are reflected in this pair of Indian miniatures of a king and queen of Delhi. These portraits were painted in the mid-19th century and memorialize Delhi's past rulers in classic Mughal style. The king, dressed in gold, purple and peach finery, is shown holding a small red book. Two panels above the portrait repeat images of his elaborate headpiece and the book. Panels below show his royal slippers and two flowers...
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Paintings : Pre 1900 item #542737 (stock #6024)
The China Coast
From an old collection - (1) One Nepalese manuscript delicately painted with nine Hindu and Buddhist deities including Ganesha and Avalokitesvara, ink and pigment on paper; comprising nine sheets with paintings - out of total of approx. 49 sheets, with frontis sheet. 19th century or earlier. 6" x 2 3/4". (2) Together with a Bengali manuscript, ink on palm leaves comprising approx. 40 leaves; probably 18th/19th century. 14 1/2" x 2 1/2".
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Sculpture : Pre AD 1000 item #436642 (stock #STDY - TV)
Ichiban Japanese and Oriental Antiques
Stucco Head of Buddha - 71/2" tall plus stand - light very old damage to nose, cheek, one ear, usnisa reattached. The piece measures 13" high including the wooded stand which is wood painted black. The head itself measures 7 1/2" tall and is 4 1/2" wide by 4 1/2" deep. A very beautiful piece that dates from the 3rd/4th century.

The Gandharan Empire was located in what is now largely occupied by North West India, Pakistan and Afghanistan...

Indian Subcontinent : India : Pre 1980 item #418264 (stock #61-21)
Silk Road Gallery
Fine silver wire braided into three ropes gives texture to this mid-20th century sterling bracelet from India's remote Western outpost city of Jaisalmer in the Thar Desert. Three disks, each with an embossed flower, are affixed to three of five bars that clamp the ropes together. This elegant, understated piece of jewelry is in excellent condition...
Indian Subcontinent : India : Pre 1900 item #417570 (stock #61-30)
Silk Road Gallery
A beautifully crafted piece of jewelry from Rajasthan in North India, this sterling silver necklace has finely embossed images of 44 peacocks and is itself shaped to resemble a fanned peacock tail. From the late 19th century, the necklace is made of 92.5 percent silver and weighs 240 grams...
Indian Subcontinent : India : Paintings : Pre 1920 item #388659 (stock #61-33)
Silk Road Gallery
A synthesis of strong Mughal influence with the Mewar Rajasthani school of painting, this early 20th century miniature depicts a woman dressed in a filmy costume sitting on a balcony playing a string instrument. The peacock chair suggests a royal courtyard, which overlooks water flanked by white palaces with a green hill beyond. Small flowers and delicate Urdu calligraphy border the top and bottom of the scene. The work is done in natural pigments on an Urdu book page. The scene and its inner bo...
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