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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Sculpture : Pre 1700 item #1406865
Zentner Collection
A Nepalese wood sculpture of Bhairava and his consort Bhairavi on a custom stand. Bhairava (Sanskrit: frightful) is a Hindu Tantric deity worshiped by Hindus. In Shaivism, he is a fierce manifestation of Shiva associated with annihilation.

Date: 15th / 16th century Provenance: Spinks London 1985, thence Handley Collection

Dimensions:18" tall X 12" wide X 4" deep with stand, sculpture 17" tall X 12" wide X 3.25" deep

Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Ritual Objects : Pre 1700 item #1410330
Zentner Collection
Price on Request
An rare an early gilt on bronze Tang-sui votive on four curved feet with vine branches holding seven Buddhas. These images appear early Buddhist iconography representing the Buddhas of the Past. Later these multiple images became one image. This votive was made for personal devotion. See Anthony Lin Exhibition "Icons and Iconoclasts"...
Indian Subcontinent : India : Metalwork : Pre 1800 item #1410331
Zentner Collection
Price on Request
An antique bronze Yama Dharmaraja. Yama Dharmaraja is an emanation of Manjushri and is a Tantric Buddhist deity and a protector deity. The name means 'Lord of Death, King of the Law. Dharma is the law of cause and effect (karma).

Date: 18th Century (early to mid 1700's)

Dimensions: 6.5" tall X 5" wide X 2" deep
Indian Subcontinent : India : Metalwork : Pre 1900 item #1125386 (stock #4185)
Galerie Hafner
shipping included
A punch dagger with tapering double edged steel blade, each face decorated with a four-armed deity. Straight handle with double-grip, decorated on the side with flowers. Sheath made of wood with velvet lining. Condition: tip slightly chipped, sheath with losses. Some flash rust. Dimension: 44.6 cm long, 7.4 cm wide.
Indian Subcontinent : India : Metalwork : Pre 1920 item #1395613 (stock #3534)
Galerie Hafner
shipping included
A North Indian pandan steel box for offering betel. Of circular form with hinged lid, inlaid with flower scrolls in silver. Condition: interior with some oxidation. Dimension: diameter: 12 cm, 9.3 cm high, weight: 606 g.
Indian Subcontinent : India : Sculpture : Pre 1700 item #1176978
Finely sculptured Ganesha bronze from West India, 17th Century, surrounded by a stylized aura ring, topped by a divine protective head and a beautiful engraved lotus flower base. This figure shows prolonged Puja (worship to the object) and a naturally formed patina. Very good condition, large size: H. 6.5" (11 cm.) Provenance: European Private Collection.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Pre 1492 item #1175714 (stock #2475)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Good bronze coin from the Yapahuwa Kingdom, King Buwanekabahu reign circa 1273-1285 CE, Sri Lanka. Cool coin, sort of looks like one of those artifacts proving that we have been visited by aliens. Free shipping via unregistered Hong Kong Airmail in an envelope.
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Pre 1700 item #1247129
GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art
A beautiful brownish/ivory colored single eye or cyclops agate, mounted in a silver ring. In very good condition. Himalayas.
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Sculpture : Pre AD 1000 item #1382223 (stock #8365)
The Buddha Gallery
At Auction
10/11thC Nepalese Bronze Fertility Goddess with baby. Next to her is a cow with a suckling calf. 3 inches tall, 2 7/8 inches wide, 1 7/8 inches deep. 4.5 inches tall on new custom base. At the foot of the cow is what looks like a pile of ritual offerings. Very early and rare Himalayan bronze from a period (especially in Nepal) from which few complete smaller bronzes survive 1,000 years of devotion--especially with intact faces...
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Pre 1492 item #1246503
A strand of 30 genuine ancient fiery red carnelian beads from India-Himalaya, 1000 - 2000 years old. Average diameter measures 16.5 mm. Some beads manifest tiny holes, only 4 beads show some cracks due to the considerable age/wear, overall in very good condition. These beads come from the estate of a serious bead collector. Will consider selling individual beads upon request. Perfect for jewelry design projects or for adding to a necklace/bead collection.
Indian Subcontinent : India : Metalwork : Pre AD 1000 item #1378124 (stock #GLD-002)
JJ Oriental
A Kushan gold necklace delicately strung with very small ancient lapis lazuli beads (approximately 24 beads to an inch). There are 12 gold coins with images of 6 ancient kings - six on each side. There are 2 kings that we recognize - one is Vasudeva I, the other is "Ohsho" holding an elephant goad, thunderbolts, a trident and a goat. The center bead is a oblong fluted gold bead. There are also two blue glass beads flanking the central gold bead. Wearable...
Indian Subcontinent : India : Sculpture : Pre 1492 item #1392344 (stock #8000)
The Buddha Gallery
At Auction
A very large and rare 10/11thC Nagapattinam bronze Buddha (near area and period of Chola in Southern India, though Buddhist rather than Hindu). This is an extremely special and valuable statue, unlike any other I have ever listed. No other of this size has sold at Sotheby's or Christie's since they began putting results on their sites. Height is 20.5" tall (bronze total), 21.5" tall with its custom base, 14" (actual figure), 13.25" (widest point at the base) and 6" (width at hands)...
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Sculpture : Pre 1900 item #1413282 (stock #1-1161)
AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques
Statue of a sitting protector, with squarish features, his hands in praying posture. Strongly eroded wood, with remnants of kaolin on some areas. Nepal, 19th C. Height: 39 cm. The statue is mounted on a custom stand. NOTE: collected in 1974 by its former owner.
Indian Subcontinent : Himalayas : Sculpture : Pre 1492 item #1297325 (stock #1152)
Dragon's Pearl
$ 500
An early wood carving of a Monk or Lama in a debating posture. Probably it was part of the lotus base of a much bigger figure. Remains of colors and cold gilding. In the back there is an opening with prayer roll. Fitted new base. H. 11 cm, W. 8,5 cm. Tibet, 14-15th cent. Condition: one finger of the his right hand is broken off, otherwise normal wear.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Handicrafts : Pre 1900 item #967079
The Bodhisattva Collection
Price on Request
From our Indian Subcontinent Collection, an exceptional Kashmiri kashkul or beggar's bowl, 19th century, modeled after the boat-shaped beggar's bowls used by Persian Sufi mystics. This fantastic vessel is composed of a metallic body, most likely copper alloy, that has been lacquered and then exquisitely painted with floral motifs in rich but subtle shades of blue, red, yellow, taupe, black, and with gilt highlights...
Indian Subcontinent : India : Textiles : Pre 1990 item #951931
The Bodhisattva Collection
From our Indian Subcontinent Collection, an extremely fine and beautiful Mughal - style silk rug executed in the “tree of life pattern,” with various pairs of fauna and flora in the center medallion, and flanked by additional flora and geometric motifs in the border areas...
Indian Subcontinent : Kashmir : Handicrafts : Pre 1900 item #1126301
Spoils of Time
Very finely and richly carved wood letter or book holder. If used with books they must be small ones - practically pocket sized books. The hinged ends fold in flat to the rack's or shelf's surface. The rack (or shelf) expandable by fitted slide - the center portion, fixed to one end, slotted into side portions fixed to the other end. Surfaces of both the rack (or shelf) and its ends richly and finely carved with rabbits, deer, peafowl and butterflies among a lush ground of flowering peonies...
Indian Subcontinent : India : Handicrafts : Pre 1920 item #1161285 (stock #SK483)
Galerie Hafner
shipping included
A rectangular wooden box veneered with porcupine quills, ebony and bone studs. Condition: few wooden studs for fixation are lost. Dimension: 17 cm x 10.6 cm x 5.1 cm, weight: 360 g.
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