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Southeast Asian
Indian Subcontinent
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Pre 1920 item #1330054 (stock #3186)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Approximately 100 grams (according to my not very accurate kitchen scales) of old coral beads. These were sourced in Sri Lanka and are about 100 years old. Diameters range from 4mm to 14mm.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Pre AD 1000 item #1329813 (stock #3183)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Ensemble of 6 ancient hand cut glass beads from Sri Lanka. The green faceted ones have patina and have been excavated and probably about a 1000 years old (imformation on Sri Lankan old beads is scant so this is an educated guess). The cobalt ribbed beads are about 100 to 200 years old if not older. See enlargement for scale. Free shipping via Hong Registered Airmail.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Pre 1800 item #1326883 (stock #1114)
Intandane Ltd t/a 69A
Price on Request
A well modelled finely cast and carved seated bronze Buddha, with very dark old patination, made in Kandy (central Sri Lanka) during either the 18th or 19th Century. There is a very similarly styled figure currently on display on the ground floor of the Victoria and Albert Museum (London): No. IS.127-1964 (Given by Havelock Pinkey). Condition: excellent - no damages or losses and no repairs or restoration. Only traces of the original gilding remain...
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Sculpture : Pre 1920 item #1296868
Jack Nelis Asian Antiques
Attractive folk art Buddha with most of it's original painting intact. Made in Sri Lanka in the 19th or early 20th century. H. 55 cm. Condition: some age cracks, some wear to the painting, traces of light repainting (face seems to be touched up a bit), one finger repaired. Overall in a very good condition.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Pre 1900 item #1295174 (stock #SK 868)
Galerie Hafner
shipping included
A spherical lime container made of copper with scrollwork decoration, chain and spatula in brass. Betel nut chewing accessory, the interior with lime residue. Condition: traces of usage. Dimension: diameter: 8.2 cm, chain with spatula: 32 cm long.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Handicrafts : Pre 1920 item #1277211 (stock #2940)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Fine pair of old scythes from Sri Lanka with incised decorations on blade surface; the one with deer horn handle has some Sinhalese script either an owner’s or maker’s mark. The steal is good condition with sharp cutting edges. Both are in excellent condition. Outer curvilinear length of the blades are 51cm/20in.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Sculpture : Pre 1920 item #1186265
Jack Nelis Asian Antiques
Sold to Germany
H. 47 cm , Good condition with some age wear to the gilding. Ca. early 20th century.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Pre 1492 item #1175714 (stock #2475)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Good bronze coin from the Yapahuwa Kingdom, King Buwanekabahu reign circa 1273-1285 CE, Sri Lanka. Cool coin, sort of looks like one of those artifacts proving that we have been visited by aliens. Free shipping via unregistered Hong Kong Airmail in an envelope.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Handicrafts : Pre 1950 item #1085438 (stock #Ch1371)
Chilong Antiques
An unusual Singhalese casket or tea caddy manufactured from the shell of an Indian starred tortoise (geochelone elegans), the interior inlaid with hardwood marquetry, the head and limbs of ebony. Length: 27 cm. I am told this was purchased in Sri Lanka in 1947.

No damages.

The key turns and locks the casket.

Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Pre 1900 item #1073483 (stock #Ch1352)
Chilong Antiques
An unusually large Sri Lankan copper lime box with foliate and geometric decoration in brass, partially gilded, with spatula and chain. Length of box: 13 cm., incl. chain etc. 46.5 cm.,19th cent.

Such boxes, used to contain the reagent lime are an essential part of betel nut paraphernalia.

Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Handicrafts : Pre 1970 item #1059138 (stock #Ch1319)
Chilong Antiques
A wooden mask of a Raksha demon. Height: 29 cm.; width: 36 cm. Sri Lanka, 20th cent. Provenance: Philip Rawson (1924-95), author and former Keeper of Oriental Art at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Pre 1960 item #1023121 (stock #2201)
Abhaya Asian Antiques
Pretty silver dollar sized silver 1957 5 Rupee coin, commemorating 2500 years of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. One side has elephants, horses and lions (oh my), surrounded by Hamsa (Sacred Geese), the other has the denomination in Pali and English. Condition circulated. Silver content 90%+.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Pre 1900 item #1021472 (stock #35-43)
Silk Road Gallery
A dragon’s mouth holds the flame in this 19th century bronze oil lamp from Ceylon. The dragon head and lamp base, cast as a separate unit, screw off the top tiered part of the lamp, which is hollow to hold the oil (see photo enlargement #3). The oil flows down through the dragon head to feed a wick threaded into the mouth. A heavy chain cast in double links is attached to a loop at the top of the lamp, allowing it to be used either as a hanging or a standing piece (see photo enlargement #6)...
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Sculpture : Pre 1900 item #992518 (stock #0460)
Korean Art and Antiques
Sri Lankan Monkey Mask used in the Kolam Natima Fetus Protection Ritual Drama that was performed when a tribe member was pregnant. The tribe's Edura (Shaman) wears the mask in the Kolim Natima masked dance-drama, and portrays a monkey who dances and cavorts to placate the demons that threaten the health of the unborn child. The result would be a healthy child...
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Sculpture : Pre 1920 item #992512 (stock #0459)
Korean Art and Antiques
Sri Lankan Antique Earthenware Sculpture of a Lion. 8 x 5 inches, 20.5 x 12.5 cm.
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Handicrafts : Pre 1900 item #967079
The Bodhisattva Collection
Price on Request
From our Indian Subcontinent Collection, an exceptional Kashmiri kashkul or beggar's bowl, 19th century, modeled after the boat-shaped beggar's bowls used by Persian Sufi mystics. This fantastic vessel is composed of a metallic body, most likely copper alloy, that has been lacquered and then exquisitely painted with floral motifs in rich but subtle shades of blue, red, yellow, taupe, black, and with gilt highlights...
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Pre 1910 item #874903 (stock #34-91)
Silk Road Gallery
A silver bracelet from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) is set with a garnet and has the Victorian look that was the signature design style of jewelry from the delightful central highlands city of Kandy, the capital of the old Singhalese kingdom. The city was, and remains, the artistic and spiritual center of the country. Silver filigree work surrounds both the gemstone and hinge on this late 19th/early 20th century bracelet...
Indian Subcontinent : Sri Lanka : Sculpture : Pre 1837 VR item #795716 (stock #35-91)
Silk Road Gallery
From the old capital of Kandy in the hill country of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, this primitive bone carving represents a Singhalese king. Carving on the face and upper body of the figure is quite primitive and contrasts with finer detailing in the swirling patterns on the long skirt, which ends in carved, comb-like teeth. The surface of the large, heavy bone is darkened with age except for one area on the right near the hand, which is white and worn smooth...
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